July & the groups

The DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship: Summer 2011 is just around the corner and now its time to present the very last players. Sadly some have been forced to cancel their participation but we have great players to replace them. We are also presenting the groups!

Here we go: Welcome to DreamHack July, Bomber, NightEnD, Elfi, Jimpo, merz, Tarson, GoOdy, ClouD, MoMan, HayprO, DieStar and Naugrim.

InCa, MarineKing, anypro, Stephano, TLO wont participate due to various reasons, we hope to see them compete in future DreamHack events.

01. Virus Naama – Terran
02. Korea oGs MC – Protoss
03. Ukraine Duckload White-Ra – Protoss
04. Germany Alternate Attax Socke – Protoss
05. Sweden Dignitas Bischu – Protoss
06. Korea oGs NaDa – Terran
07. Korea TSL FruitDealer – Zerg
08. USA EG IdrA – Zerg
09. Ukraine Empire Kas – Terran
10. Sweden Dignitas NaNiwa – Protoss
11. Sweden Fnatic Sen – Zerg
12. Holland Grubby – Protoss
13. Ukraine mTw DIMAGA – Zerg
14. Sweden Liquid Jinro – Terran
15. Canada Liquid Huk – Protoss
16. Holland Liquid Ret – Zerg
17. Ukraine Imba FXO Strelok – Terran
18. Russia Empire Happy – Terran
19. Sweden Millenium Lalush – Zerg
20. France Millenium Adelscott – Protoss
21. Russia RoX.KiS BRAT_OK – Terran
22. Sweden Mouz Thorzain – Terran
23. Sweden Dignitas SjoW – Terran
24. Germany Mouz Hasuobs – Protoss
25. Sweden MYM SaSe – Protoss
26. Polen Mouz MaNa – Protoss
27. USA Liquid Tyler – Protoss
28. EG DeMusliM – Terran
29. Sweden Mouz Morrow – Zerg
30. USA EG Machine – Zerg
31. Canada Fnatic TT1 – Protoss
32. Korea WeMade Fox Moon – Zerg
33. Holland srs Sushi – Zerg (Selected by DH partner in Benelux.)
34. Korea Startale July – Zerg
35. Korea Startale Bomber – Terran
36. Sweden Liquid HayprO – Zerg
37. Sweden Dignitas merz – Terran
38. Virus elfi – Protoss
39. Sweden SK Jimpo – Terran
40. Polen Millenium Tarson – Terran
41. Germany ESC GoOdy – Terran
42. Italien MYM ClouD – Terran
43. France Cyber Nation MoMan – Zerg
44. Romania Fnatic NightEnD – Protoss
45. Polen Millenium DieStar – Terran
46. Sweden GG.net Naugrim – Zerg
47. Winner of DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC Qualifier
48. Runner up at DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC Qualifier


Group A
Sweden SK Jimpo – Terran
France Cyber Nation MoMan – Zerg
Sweden Dignitas NaNiwa – Protoss
Holland Liquid Ret – Zerg
Ukraine Imba FXO Strelok – Terran
USA Liquid Tyler – Protoss

Group B
Russia RoX.KiS BRAT_OK – Terran
Polen Millenium DieStar – Terran
Ukraine mTw DIMAGA – Zerg
Sweden Mouz Morrow – Zerg
Romania Fnatic NightEnD – Protoss
Germany Alternate Attax Socke – Protoss

Group C
Holland Grubby – Protoss
USA EG IdrA – Zerg
Sweden Dignitas merz – Terran
Finland Virus Naama – Terran
Ukraine Empire Kas – Terran
Sweden MYM SaSe – Protoss

Group D
France Millenium Adelscott – Protoss
Italien MYM ClouD – Terran
Korea oGs MC – Protoss
Sweden GG.net Naugrim – Zerg
Sweden Fnatic Sen – Zerg
Canada Fnatic TT1 – Protoss

Group E
Sweden Dignitas Bischu – Protoss
EG DeMusliM – Terran
Canada Liquid Huk – Protoss
Sweden Millenium LaLush – Zerg
Korea WeMade Fox Moon – Zerg
Polen Millenium Tarson – Terran

Group F
Germany Mouz Hasuobs – Protoss
Korea Startale July – Zerg
USA EG Machine – Zerg
Sweden Dignitas SjoW – Terran
Holland srs Sushi – Zerg
Sweden Mouz Thorzain – Terran

Group G
Finland Virus elfi – Protoss
Germany ESC GoOdy – Terran
Sweden Liquid Jinro – Terran
Korea oGs NaDa – Terran
Ukraine Duckload White-Ra – Protoss

Group H
Korea Startale Bomber – Terran
Korea TSL FruitDealer – Zerg
Russia Empire Happy – Terran
Sweden Liquid HayprO – Zerg
Polen Mouz MaNa – Protoss

Any questions?
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Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

  • Ronny Herold

    how the groups were made?

  • Ronny Herold

    how the groups were made?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Supreme.Intergalactic.Commander Carl Magnusson

    HayprO får inte den lättaste resan :/ är det WB/LB?

  • http://twitter.com/alejanse Alexander Jansen

    No marineking :( (

    • Roy Jacobs

      and no TLO: mr crazy build himself :(

  • http://twitter.com/browntk Thomas Brown

    Groups F and G are pretty stacked. Can’t wait to see who makes it out alive!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=603700038 Tom Marsland

    wow, group D looks pretty beastly. mind you, so do F, G and H. Its gonna be awesome ! Too bad I have exams on the monday :(

  • Jin Yin

    Invite more Chinese players to make it more global !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Konstantin-Goncharenko/100000826578896 Konstantin Goncharenko

    Ukraine go go go! )

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