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DreamHack EIZO Open Stockholm

The first event of DreamHack EIZO Open will be held in the European Capital of eSports – Stockholm, Sweden. On April 21-22 we open the doors to Annexet in direct connection to Ericsson Globe, where we have room for over 2,300 people in the seated audience. DreamHack EIZO Open is a two day experience with two unique flavors. Ticket release 14.00 CET Tuesday 27th of March.

DreamHack is back in Stockholm with The World’s best eSports Show. This time we move to a bigger venue, Annexet (part of Stockholms no.1 Sports- and Entertainment District Stockholm Globe Arenas) with 2,300 individual seats. DreamHack will offer a two day experience with two unique flavors.

Day 1 opens up with the group stage in a tournament area where the audience can get up and close to the players, watch matches on-site and meet the Stars in fan meetings etc. Day 2 is a full StarCraft stage-show as seen on DreamHack Invitational in 2011, but now upgraded and improved, for example with a 12 metre 16:9-projection screen! Both days are included in the ticket price of only SEK 199.

EsportBar at Location
The BarCraft phenomenon is growing stronger by minute and at DreamHack EIZO Open Stockholm you can have the full BarCraft experience at the venue, thanks to EIZO. The Esport Bar is serving beer, wine, soft drinks and food during both event days. It will be located on the second floor, on a huge balcony, where you can easily watch the whole show. You will of course find some special eSports drinks on the menu and the area will be reserved for 18+ people only.

Free HD broadcast powered by Twitch.TV
If you can’t attend the event you can still watch the whole show. DreamHack EIZO Open Stockholm will be broadcasted in HD for free over the Internet available for all fans that can’t be on location, additional languages and community streams will be available.

Event info:

Tournament: DreamHack EIZO Open Stockholm
Tournament sponsors: EIZO, Sapphire, AMD, Twitch.TV
Tournament Game: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Venue: Ericsson Globe Annexet
Date: 21-22 April
Opens: 10.00 CET, 21st of April
Ends: 24.00 CET, 22st of April
EsportBar: Oh yes
After-Party: You bet!
No. of seats: 2,300
Ticket price: 199 SEK

Arena pictures:

Concept pictures 1 & 2

Concept pictures 3 & 4

Spectator ticket: How do I attend the event and watch it live

DreamHack will release a limited number of spectator tickets to DreamHack EIZO Open: Stockholm. Each Spectator ticket grants access to the event 10:00-24:00 each day. It also includes a personal seat in the Stage Show (Sunday 15.00-24.00), and access to meet the Stars in fan meetings, food & beverage stands, on-site activities like sponsor booths and the possibility to watch matches in our Tournament Area. If you’re 18 years or older you have the possibility to attend the Esport Bar and the After-party as well.

The Spectator ticket will be available for SEK 199 + service charges (20-30 SEK) and is paid with credit card (VISA / MasterCard) through Sweden’s largest ticket retailer www.ticnet.se. Ticket release is 14.00 CET Tuesday 27th of March. First come, first served.

Important notice: First day, 21st of April, not featuring the Stage show, will have limited no. of slots, due to fire regulations and arena limitations. And if you want to attend both days, you need to select that option when booking your ticket at Ticnet.

Competitor ticket: How do I register and compete in the tournament

DreamHack will release a limited number of Competitor tickets to the the StarCraft II tournament at DreamHack EIZO Open: Stockholm. Tournament will consist of 3 group stages in order to qualify the best players to the final single elimination playoffs. The first group stage holds 128 players, the second group stage holds 64 players and the third group stage holds 32 players. The final 16 players will play a single-elimination bracket.

The tournament fee to attend the tournament will be SEK 300 and is paid by credit card (VISA / MasterCard) through our website: bokning.dreamhack.se. Ticket release is 14:00 CET Tuesday 27th of March. First come, first served.

DreamHack Open Prize money distribution

SEK 150 000

1. SEK 70 000 +Direct Qualification to DreamHack Winter 2012
2. SEK 40 000 +Direct Qualification to DreamHack Winter 2012
3. SEK 20 000 +20 points
4. SEK 20 000 +20 points
5-8. 12 points
9-16. 5 points

DreamHack Eizo Open Stockholm: Official Map pool

Each player will have two blind vetos. The played maps and order will be random generated

Dreamhack Shakuras Plateau – Cross/Close-by-air spawns – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack GSL Daybreak GSL version with the limited forward third base – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack GSL Metropolis . GSL version with Creep on islands – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack ESV Cloud Kingdom – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack ESV Ohana – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack ESV Vicious – All spawns enabled – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack ESV Frigid Pass – All spawn enabled – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack Antiga Shipyard – cross spawn only -gold bases exchanged to neutral – fixed lower right base so pylon power cant reach natural from third’s cliff – building blockers at mainbase ramp
Dreamhack Metalopolis – gold bases exchanged to regular bases – cross and close-by-air enforced spawns – building blockers at mainbase ramp

DreamHack EIZO Open Fan Award

It´s a free HD stream, but we know that many fans wish to support the tournament and the players, you can now do this by using the social micropayment system Flattr. All donations will go directly to the DreamHack EIZO Open Fan Award.

The winner of DreamHack EIZO Open Fan Award will be determined by YOU, the fans at location and all those watching the stream online. The player with most votes will be awarded all the donations, we at DreamHack have already put in 10 000 SEK to start it all up.

The voting for players will be launched during the event, donations are welcome as of now!

Donate to the DreamHack EIZO Open Fan Award here!

Note: 10% of the incoming revenue is a fee to keep the Flattr systems afloat

Travel & Accommodation:

Travel to Sweden
In Europe you can travel easily to Stockholm from many European cities and International destinations with various airline carriers. You can also find direct trains from Copenhagen and Oslo. From Helsinki you can take a number of ferries to Stockholm. Ryanair is also flying to Skavsta Aiport, next to Stockholm, where you can find cheap flight tickets from many european destinations. Links:

Travel from Arlanda Airport (main airport) to Stockholm Centralstation.
From Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) you can either go by train, 20 minutes, with the Arlanda Express (www.arlandaexpress.se) or by bus, 45 minutes, with Flygbussarna (www.flygbussarna.se). Tickets can be bought at the airport or at the websites.

From Stockholm Central station to Stockholm Globe Arena
Take the underground passage from Centralstation to T-centralen to reach the subway system. Take the green line from T-centralen towards Hagsätra to Globen. Tickets are bought at the gates or at the kiosk “Pressbyrån” inside the Centralstation. A direct Taxi will be around 20 euro from Central station to Stockholm Globe Arenas.

Hotels and accommodations
Quality Hotel Globe is located next to venue and is the closest hotel to the venue – globehotel.se
Skanstull Hostel – A low cost Hostel, a small walk and two metro stations away from venue: skanstulls.se
Clarion Hotel Stockholm – Two metro stations away from venue: clarionstockholm.com

You can find hundreds of different accommodations here booking.com and hotels.com

More information about visiting Stockholm:
Go to visitstockholm.com


View Larger Map

Address – Annexet; Stockholm Globe Arenas
Arenavägen 2, Stockholm
Entré 2.

Detailed map of the Globe Arenas area here.


Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

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