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Using gaming servers at DreamHack – the complete list

Do you feel lucky today, gamer? (please read out load in your best Clint Eastwood voice  :)   )

Why not challenge your fellow DreamHack gamers using one of the local gaming servers here at DreamHack. Enjoy gaming servers on a network with low latency and high bandwidth, hosted on Enterprise hardware.

Official list of FragNet servers at DreamHack

dh1.fragnet.net:25665 Minecraft (100 Slots)
dh2.fragnet.net:25200 Battlefield 3 (32 Slots)
dh2.fragnet.net:27015 Counter-Strike 1.6 (20 Slots)
dh2.fragnet.net:28960 Call of Duty 4 (20 Slots)
dh3.fragnet.net:27015 Counter-Strike 1.6 (20 Slots)
dh4.fragnet.net:27015 Day of Defeat: Source (20 Slots)
dh5.fragnet.net:27015 Team Fortress 2 (20 Slots)
dh6.fragnet.net:27015 Team Fortress 2 (20 Slots)
dh7.fragnet.net:27015 Left 4 Dead 2 (8 Slots)
dh8.fragnet.net:27015 Counter-Strike : GO – DH (20 Slots)
dh9.fragnet.net:27015 Counter-Strike : GO – DH (20 Slots)

Info about FRAGNET

FRAGNET is a leading provider of game hosting solutions with a network spanning 14 data centers worldwide. More information can be found at www.fragnet.net

Photo: Brita Jonsson
Text: Johan “jawwen” Arwidmark

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