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Heroes Of Newerth is back at DreamHack

DreamHack have been arranging tournaments in Heroes Of Newerth since the release of the game back in 2010 and today we are super excited to welcome Heroes Of Newerth back to DreamHack. We’re confident that Dreamhack Summer 2015 will be one of HoN’s best LANs yet! To ensure that, the HoN team is going to take 25% of the proceeds raised from two upcoming avatar sets, the 8-Bit Set and the A.R.M.S. Collection, and use them to help fund the event. These funds will cover anything from bolstering the tournament’s prize pool to team travel and everything in between!

Read more about Heroes of Newerth at DreamHack Summer 2015 over at hontour.com/dreamhack/ and stay tuned for more information of the activities and the tournament!

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