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SVT expand their broadcast coverage of DreamHack Open 2015

DreamHack and SVT are happy to prolong cooperation regarding Swedish broadcasting of DreamHack Open, that consist of 7 events in 2015 and 10 tournaments in both StarCraft II and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
- We’re very happy to be offering more eSports content to our viewers during the upcoming year, said Ola Gerhardsson, project leader at SVT Esport. We’ll continue to broadcast StarCraft II, but also add Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to our broadcasts.

In the Swedish pressrelease, SVT explain their excitement to broadcast Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as Sweden currently have two of the best teams in the World (Fnatic and NiP) and SVT will therefore broadcast all DreamHack’s stops in Sweden, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom and France.

DreamHack: – We’re very proud to continue work with SVT
Sveriges Television (SVT) started to broadcast eSports from DreamHack already in 2009 and have one of the longest track records of any western media companies to produce and broadcast eSports.
- We’re very proud to continue work with SVT that have been a very important partner for us to lift the acceptance regarding eSports both international and in Sweden. Sveriges Television have been leading the race and was early out with their first eSports broadcasts, and now we see a lot of TV-channels and media houses around Europe following SVT’s example, said Tomas Lyckedal at DreamHack.

About Sveriges Televison (SVT)
Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden. The official start took place on 4th September 1956. It was a flying start, the culmination of several years’ trial programme transmissions. In 1969 a second national channel was added (SVT2). Today SVT operates eight channels, where of SVT1 is Sweden’s most-viewed TV-channel and their online platform SVT Play is the leading online streaming/TV-service in Sweden, and you can watch the majority of the TV content 30 days after the first broadcast.

Read more about SVT here: www.svt.se.
Find more information about SVT Esport here: svt.se/esport

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