Dreamhack news

Have you qualified for the DreamHack World Cosplay Championships 2017?

DreamHack27 Apr 2017

DreamHack expands partnership with Znipe TV

DreamHack25 Apr 2017

MAXNOMIC Need for Seat DreamHack Summer 2017 Raffle

DreamHack25 Apr 2017

Artist announcement! Wahlstedt confirmed for DHS17!

LIVE MUSIC27 Apr 2017

WCS Jönköping Signups Open

ESPORT13 Apr 2017

DreamHack Casemod Championship returns for DHS17

CASE MOD | DreamHack13 Apr 2017

Sign up for the Capcom Pro Tour

ESPORT | GAMING07 Apr 2017

Sign up for the Smash Championship

DreamHack | ESPORT07 Apr 2017

Speedrunning at DHS17

DreamHack31 Mar 2017

Travel to DreamHack with Swebus

DreamHack30 Mar 2017

New Seats in Hall D

DreamHack | LANPARTY29 Mar 2017

DHS17 Crazy Weekend Promo!

DreamHack24 Mar 2017

DreamHack Grand Prix sign ups for DHS17

DreamHack24 Mar 2017

DreamHack and Twitch Extend Partnership for 2017

DreamHack22 Mar 2017

DreamHack PC launches March 9th, Debuts in Elgiganten stores across Nordics

DHPC | DreamHack08 Mar 2017

DreamHack and Twitter announce content partnership for 2017

DreamHack | ESPORT02 Mar 2017

Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event at DreamHack Summer

DreamHack | ESPORT28 Feb 2017

Five Esport Tournaments already announced for DHS17

DreamHack | ESPORT10 Feb 2017

DreamHack Smash Championship with $100,000 for the 2017 season

DreamHack | ESPORT10 Feb 2017

Cardslingers get ready, Hearthstone is back!

DreamHack | ESPORT01 Feb 2017

Book your seat now!

DreamHack | GAMING | LANPARTY | STREAM AREA01 Feb 2017

Heroes of the Storm Mid-Season Brawl to be hosted at DHS17!

DreamHack | ESPORT01 Feb 2017

Exclusive BYOC ticket with GrrrGabbie

DreamHack | GAMING | LANPARTY21 Dec 2016

Exklusiv bordsbiljett med SampeV2

DreamHack | GAMING | LANPARTY20 Dec 2016

Seat Map Available in January

DreamHack | LANPARTY14 Dec 2016

DreamHack Winter 2016 Aftermovie

DreamHack12 Dec 2016

Tickets are out - Get yours now!

DreamHack | GAMING | LANPARTY12 Dec 2016

DreamHack Open returns to DHS17

ESPORT12 Dec 2016

DreamHack to host four StarCraft II WCS Circuit Championships in 2017

ESPORT12 Dec 2016

Ticket Release & Christmas Special Discount

DreamHack07 Dec 2016
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