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After three days full of entertaining matches we can finally announce the champion of WCS Jönköping: Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft! He won a prize of $25,000 along with 3,000 WCS Points, and a direct seed to the WCS Global Finals.

Neeb had an almost clear run during the playoffs, defeating SortOf and Kelazhur 3 to 0 – the Terran player MajOr instead proved to be a tough opponent and snatched two games during the quarterfinals.

In the Grand Finals, Neeb encountered the Zerg user Serral. It was an amazing matchup, where our champion showed off the most refined Protoss’ tactics, thanks to which he ultimately claimed the title with a 4 to 3 score.

We hope that all our visitors and viewers from home had the greatest fun during the event! The stage for the next WCS event is Valencia – the prize pool remains the same: $100,000!


RO8 – #1  Serral vs fr PtitDrogo3-1
RO8 – #2 Elazer vs  Cham3-0
RO8 – #3  uThermal vs  Kelazhur0-3
RO8 – #4 us Neeb vs  MajOr3-2
Semi Finals – #1  Serral vs Elazer3-0
Semi Finals – #2  Kelazhur vs us Neeb0-3
Grand Finals – us Neeb vs  Serral–  4-3

1st – $25,000 + WCS Global Finals + 3,000 WCS Circuit Points – us Neeb
2nd – $10,000 + 1,400 WCS Circuit Points –   Serral
3rd-4th – $6,500 + 900 WCS Circuit Points – Elazer –   Kelazhur


If you missed the games, you can always watch the VODs over on youtube as soon as they are up!

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