DreamHack Champions!

The esport tournaments at DreamHack Winter 2010 was more popular then ever before. Fantastic teams and players, great matches, great coverage and great streams. Here are all the champions! See you all next time!

StarCraft II
DreamHack SteelSeries LAN tournament
Sponosred by SteelSeries, Sapphire and EIZO

1. Mouz Naama (Terran)
2. Mouz MaNa (Protoss)
3. Fnatic Fenix (Terran)

Counter-Strike 1.6
MSI Counter-Strike Championship
Sponsored by KVD, Sennheiser and MSI

1. Natus Vincere
2. mTw
3. Lions

Quake Live
Kaspersky Quake Live Championship
Sponsored by Kaspersky

1. srs/rzr/Cypher
2. EG|DaHanG (USA)
3. ESC|k1llsen (Tyskand)

Heroes Of Newerth
SteelSeries HoN Masters
Sponsored by SteelSeries

1. fnatic
2. Druidz
3. Binary Evasion

Super Street Fighter IV
Sponsored By Pepsi and Energizer

1. Prodigal Son
2. Chokolo
3. Yagami

Tekken 6
Rockstar Tekken 6 Championship
Sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink

1. Knee
2. Nin
3. The_Emperor

Svenska mästerskapet i Guitar Hero
Sponsored by Coke Zero and BenQ

1. Kubuh
2. toblin597
3. lockemokke

Call Of Duty:Black Ops
Xbox360 4on4
Sponsored by GUNNAR Optics and Tritton /Madcatz

1. Muppets on Weed
2. Team ABC

Quake Live

1. SK-rapha
2. srs/rzr/Cypher
3. fnatic strenx

Counter-Strike 1.6 Female Allstars
Sponsored by Intel, HP, Telia and Inferno Online
1. Alternate
2. Millenium
3. Thermaltake

ESL Pro Series Scandinavia
Counter-Strike 1.6
1. mTw
2. Lions
4. fnatic

StarCraft II
1. SjoW
2. MadFrog
3. ThorZaIN

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