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DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival and holds the official world record as world’s largest LAN party in the Guinness Book of Records. During 2009 DreamHack reached over 200.000 unique visitors with our live activities around the World. DreamHack holds several festivals each year, BYOC Qualifiers and expos. The Spring Season ends with the Season Finals at DreamHack Summer and the Fall Season ends with DreamHack Winter. The major festivals take place during 4 days, 24-7. All of DreamHack’s festivals are alcohol and drug free and open to all ages.

DreamHack is focused on everything you can do with computers, Internet and digital entertainment and culture. DreamHack is a lot of gaming, communication, programming, designing, music composing and whatever you can imagine! We organize a lot of large tournaments and compos and also a great Expo with company’s like ASUS, Telia, Intel, Blizzard and many of the Swedish universities to name a few.

Like on all festivals we also offers a great selection of food end beverages, many restaurants and kiosks are open 24/7. On top of that there is several of hundreds hours of live entertainment on our stages ranging from music to magic and much much more.

DreamHack is filled with activities and surprises and friends around the clock!

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What today is DreamHack, started in the early Nineties, when computers had floppy discs and the Internet was something exotic that a few academics played around with. DreamHack was started by two enthusiasts, Martin Öjes and Kenny Eklund, and the first sessions were held together with friends in a local school.

The first big move was to the dome in Borlänge, where there was room for a whopping 3.000 participants. One incident, that in retrospect is kind of funny, was when DreamHack shut down the electricity and caused a black-out for McDonalds and the Shopping Mall.

The second major move was to Elmia’s large exhibition halls in Jönköping, perfectly positioned in the middle of Southern Sweden, almost equidistant to Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg. The number of visitors to each DreamHack event has showed a steady growth every year.

More history can be found here!

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