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QUAKE LIVE is a new and innovative multiplayer game experience from id Software – the creators of DOOM, WOLFENSTEIN and QUAKE – that offers players of all skill levels an easily accessible multiplayer game and community through a single website. The game can be played totally free, though there are paid subscriptions with even more features and play modes available.

Tournament sponsors:

At DreamHack Winter we are proud to once again present The Kaspersky Quake Live Championship where several of the very best players in the world will fight for the 70 000 SEK prize purse and the chance to become the DreamHack Champion at DreamArena Extreme.

Former DreamHack Champions:
DreamHack Summer 2010: Av3k
DreamHack Winter 2009: Av3k
DreamHack Summer 2009: Vo0 (Quake 3 CPM)
DreamHack Winter 2008: Fox (Quake 3 CPM), av3k (Quake 3 VQ3)

Kaspersky Quake Live Championship
Dates: 25-28 november
Location: DreamHack Winter, Hall C, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Format: 1on1, Groupstage BO3, Single Elimination Bracket BO5, Final at DreamArena Extreme
Platform: PC
Monitor: TBA
Maps: ztn, dm13, t7, aerowalk, hektik
Controllers: Bring your own keyboard, mouse and headphones
Prize Purse: 70 000 SEK
Prize distribution:
1. 45 000 SEK
2. 15 000 SEK
3. 10 000 SEK
Thursday 25/11 MSI Beat IT all day – more details TBA.
Friday 26/11 10.00-14.30 Group stage – Group A/B (Tour area)
Friday 26/11 18.00-22.30 Group stage – Group C/D (Tour area)
Saturday 27/11 10.00 Quarterfinals (2 of 4) (Tour area)
Saturday 27/11 11.00 Quarterfinals (2 of 4) (Tour area)
Saturday 27/11 13.00 Semifinal 1 (Tour area)
Saturday 27/11 14.00 Semifinal 2 (Tour area)
Saturday 27/11 15.30 3rd place decider (Tour area)
Saturday 27/11 19.30 Grand Final (DreamArena Extreme)

Attending players:
1. Poland av3k
2. Sweden fox
3. Ryssland Cooller
4. USA DaHang
5. USA Rapha
6. Belarus Cypher
7. Italy stermy
8. Sweden Spart1e
9. noctis
10. k1llsen
11. Vo0
12. strenx
13. Sweden fazz
14. GaRpY (Online Qualifier – PlayDH.com)
15. KRYSA (International Qualifier – Czech Republic)
16. Spain p0ni (International Qualifier – Spain)

Level Up TV official streaming partner
We are also very happy to announce the return of Level Up TV that will be the official broadcasting partner of the DreamHack tournament. Level Up TV will send a team of experienced shoutcasters and broadcasters that will cover the majority of all matches in the main tournament and playoffs. Level Up TV will also provide the commentary of the Grand Final game but it will however be broadcasted exclusively at SVT Play and DreamHacks english stream. More about the streaming part and scheduling will be released at levelupyourgame.net.

Please note, if not invited or qualified directly for a tournament you will at least need to purchase a tournament pass / festival pass to DreamHack Winter 2010 to be able to participate.

Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)


Prize money policy
Prize money policy
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