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StarCraft®: Wings of Liberty™ hit the world of gaming like a tsunami and the eSports community have already embraced it with open arms. Now the floodwave hits DreamHack when we together with Sapphire and Eizo announce our official StarCraft II tournament: DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament (DSL) at DreamHack Winter 2010 with a total prize purse of 180 000 SEK where the DreamHack Champion grabs 100 000 SEK in cash.

Tournament is played in a classic DreamHack format where the main tournament consists of 32 players and will be played in a tournament area with high-end PCs, referees and professional conditions. All slots to the main tournament is distributed via open online qualifiers, invitations, international qualifiers and a huge open BYOC-qualifier.

DreamHacks aims to make the BYOC-qualifier the biggest tournament on LAN in the history of the game. First day will be dedicated for the BYOC-tournament where we offer a maximum of 512 spots in the tournament, divided into 64-player brackets. On the second day we will play the main tournament and group stage an the last day we will follow-up with Playoffs and the Grand Final 17.00 on Saturday 27th of november 2010.
- E-sport at DreamHack is both for amateurs and professionals and we try to combine those two worlds into one. StarCraft II is world’s most popular e-sport game rightnow and we know that you all been waiting for us to announce what we will have in store for you all at DreamHack Winter 2010, said Fredrik Nyström, press officer at DreamHack.

Day9 on-site providing professional commentary
DreamHack will also bring in Sean ”Day9” Plott to attend the event to provide excellent commentary from the tournament. Day9 will be shoutcasting the Grand Final game at DreamArena Extreme, produce Day9 Dailys on exciting spots at the event and also shoutcast a majority of the greatest matches from the main tournament. Grand Final game is broadcasted at (english stream) and SVT Play, swedish national television (swedish stream).

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be the fifth game announced in Grand Finals of DreamHack on Tour 2010 and the two best players will battle it out in a Grand Final at DreamArena Extreme infront of 1100 people in the audience and thousands watching online.

Biggest individual prize check in history of DreamHack
DreamHack will together with SteelSeries and Sapphire boost a total prize purse valued 180 000 SEK where the champion grabs 100 000 SEK. Eizo will provide monitors for the tournament.
- This is the largest single pay-out to a winning individual in the history of E-sports at DreamHack, said press officer Fredrik Nyström.

DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament – Main tournament
Game version: Latest patch EU, “StarCraft®: Wings of Liberty™ by Blizzard Entertainment (1on1, PC)
Tournament format: Groupstage, 2 players advance. Single elmination BO3, Final BO5.
Tournament set-up: High-end Tournament PCs
Max no. of players: 32
Rules: Read rules here (.pdf)
1. 100 000 SEK + EIZO FS2331 EIZO + Sapphire HD 5870 1GB Vapor X + Sapphire PC-AM3RS890G Motherboard + Sapphire Pure PSU 1250W
2. 30 000 SEK + Sapphire HD 5870 1GB + Sapphire Pure PC-AM2RS790G Motherboard + Sapphire Pure PSU 1050W
3. 20 000 SEK + Sapphire HD 5850 Toxic 2GB + Sapphire Pure PI-AM3RS785G Motherboard + Sapphire Pure PSU 950W
4. Sapphire HD 5850 Vapor X + Sapphire Pure PI-AM3RS760G Motherboard + Sapphire Pure PSU 625W
5-8th place
- Graphic card from Sapphire. Model TBA.
Registration: No registration
(Only qualified or invited teams)
25/11 20.00 Group A / Group B – Round 1
25/11 21.00 Group A / Group B – Round 2
25/11 22.00 Group A / Group B – Round 3
26/11 09.00 Group C / Group D – Round 1
26/11 10.00 Group C / Group D – Round 2
26/11 11.00 Group C / Group D – Round 3
26/11 13.00 Group E / Group F – Round 1
26/11 14.00 Group E / Group F – Round 1
26/11 15.00 Group E / Group F – Round 1
26/11 17.00 Group G / Group H – Round 1
26/11 18.00 Group G / Group H – Round 1
26/11 19.00 Group G / Group H – Round 1
26/11 20:00 Round of 16 – Part 1
26/11 22:00 Round of 16 – Part 2
27/11 10:00 Round of 8
27/11 13:00 Semifinals
27/11 17.00 Grand Final

Distribution of slots:
01. Mouz White-Ra (P) – Invited
02. mTw DIMAGA (Z) -Invited
03. Mouz MorroW (Z/T) – Invited
04. TLAF-Liquid TheLittleOne (T/Z) – Invited
05. TLAF-Liquid Tyler(aka Nony) (P) – Invited
06. oGs inCa (P) – Invited
07. Fnatic Fenix (T) – Invited
08. aTn Socke (P) – Invited
09. Dignitas Sjow (T) – Invited
10. TLAF-Liquid HuK (P) – Invited
11. Finland Mouz Naama (T) – Invited
12. RAGE Tarson (T) – Invited
13. fnatic Lucifron (T) – Invited
14. mTw DeMusliM (T) – Invited
15. SK MaDFroG (Z) – Invited
16. Norge SkruF (Z) – DH on Tour Qualifier Norway
17. Finland elfi (P) – DH on Tour Qualifier Finland
18. France Adelscott (P) – DH on Tour Qualifier France
19. Nederlanderna Prae.DaBoO (Z) – DH on Tour Qualifier Benelux
20. Netherlands ServaNT (T) – DH on Tour Qualifier Benelux
21. Netherlands NTT (T) – DH on Tour Qualifier Benelux
22. Denmark ActionJesus – DH on Tour Qualifier Denmark
23. LaLuSh (Z) – DH on Tour Qualifier Sweden Online
24. ThorZaIN (T) – DH on Tour Qualifier Sweden LAN
25. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
26. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
27. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
28. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
29. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
30. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
31. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
32. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!


Group A
Mouz White-Ra (P)
SK MaDFroG (Z)
ThorZaIN (T)
Finland elfi (P)

Group B
fnatic Lucifron (T)
Denmark ActionJesus
Netherlands NTT (T)

Group C
Dignitas Sjow (T)
Mouz MorroW (Z/T)
Netherlands ServaNT (T)
BYOC-qualifier #2 Winner – Register here!

Group D
aTn Socke (P)
Finland Mouz Naama (T)
BYOC-qualifier #8 Winner – Register here!
BYOC-qualifier #6 Winner – Register here!

Group E
Fnatic Fenix (T)
mTw DeMusliM (T)
France Adelscott (P)
BYOC-qualifier #5 Winner – Register here!

Group F
oGs inCa (P)
TLAF-Liquid Tyler(aka Nony) (P)
Nederlanderna Prae.DaBoO (Z)
BYOC-qualifier #4 Winner – Register here!

Group G
TLAF-Liquid TheLittleOne (T/Z)
LaLuSh (Z)
Norge SkruF (Z)
BYOC-qualifier #3 Winner – Register here!

Group H
TLAF-Liquid HuK (P)
RAGE Tarson (T)
BYOC-qualifier #1 Winner – Register here!
BYOC-qualifier #7 Winner – Register here!

DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament – BYOC tournament
Game version: Latest patch, “StarCraft®: Wings of Liberty™ by Blizzard Entertainment (1on1, PC)
Tournament format: Single elimination bracket, divided into maximum eight brackets with 64 players
Tournament set-up: BYOC (Played in LAN, requires computer seat)
Max no. of players: 512
Rules: Read rules here (.pdf)
Prizes in each BYOC Qualifier (64 players):
1. 3000 SEK +Spot in Main tournament
Registration: Open
25/11 14.00 Registration closed.
25/11 16:00 Round 1
25/11 18:00 Round 2
25/11 19:00 Round 3
25/11 20:00 Round 4
25/11 21:00 Round 5
25/11 22:00 Round 6

Attention! We strongly recommend all StarCraft II players to sit in Hall C. Its not a requirement but you will get the best experience (quiet) and also the best information (closest to the Game Info desk)

About BYOC-tournament and IRC:
The BYOC-tournament will be organized through IRC on Quakenet server, in the #dh.sc2 channel. To access IRC and Quakenet you can use all kinds of IRC-clients. If you’re not familiar with IRC then use Quakenets own Web-client. Follow these steps.

1. Start your browser and go to
2. Enter your nickname that you have signup with and choose #dh.sc2 as the channel
3. You are now in the official Dreamhack Starcraft 2 channel here you can find all the admins and the players in the tournament. The ones with @ infront of their name are admins of the tournament.
4. To join your specific bracket channel for example #dh.sc2.1 then write /join #dh.sc2.1

Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

Head sponsors:

Prize information:
All products is given on-site during Prize Ceremony
Cash prizes is paid out as per our Prize Money Policy.

Legal information:
“StarCraft®: Wings of Liberty™ is the copyrighted product of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. © 2010 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.”


Prize money policy
Prize money policy
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