DreamHack Winter 2010 is arranged at Elmia In Jönköping in the southern parts of Sweden. There is a lot of great options to travel to Jönköping with very good communications for trains, planes and automobiles. On this page you can find links and usefull tips for your trip to DreamHack.

Travel by Train
The DreamHack Train is a great way to travel to DreamHack from Stockholm and its also one of the most green way to get to us as well. For only 550 SEK you get a round trip and Destination Jönköping will arrange bus trips from the station directly to Elmia and DreamHack.

The festival starts at the DreamHack Train with lots of activities and fun. Dont miss out on it!
Book the DreamHack train at

A lot of city’s offer direct trains to Jönköping. Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenborg is only a few hours away from the largest Digital Festival in the world. Book your train at you local travel agency or at

Travel by Bus
There are many companies that offers direct coaches to Jönköping from a whide range of citys in Sweden. From Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö there are several of departures each day. There is also alot of communities that offers roundtrips to DreamHack around Sweden. Check our special bus page for offers HERE! – Jönköping local bus company

Do you offer a DreamHack bus ? Contact us at travel[at]dreamhack. to get some promotion help for your trip.

Travel by Air
Jönköping has an own Airport with stops from Bromma, Arlanda and Copenhagen. With in a few hours of travel the International Landvetter Airport in Gothenborgh offers connections from all over the world.

Jönköping Airport
SAS, Skyways and Flyglinjen offers direct flights from Arlanda, Bromma and Kopenhagen directly to Jönköping Airport. From the airport there is several options for travel in to the city including bus, taxi and car rentals.

Jönköpings Länstrafik route 27 goes directly from the airport to the City at affordable prizes. In the city you change to route 1 that takes you to Elmia and DreamHack.

Taxi are available in direct conjunction to the airport. Normal fair prize is between 200-300 SEK. Please check with the driver before you enter the taxi.
Car rentals at at Jönköping Airport:
Avis Tel +46 (0)36-30 29 00
Europcar Tel +46 (0)36-34 88 00
Hertz Tel +46 (0)70 – 878 04 45

Göteborg Landvetter Airport
Göteborg Landvetter Airport is western Sweden’s international airport and the second largest airport in the country, with scheduled non-stop routes to some 40 direct routes.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches takes you to Göteborg City where you find the trainstation or bus lines that will take you to Jönköping.

Travel by Car

Google Map to Elmia and DreamHack
Google Map to Elmia and DreamHack

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DreamHack-tågetDreamHack Train
DreamHack-tågetDreamHack Train

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