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Today we present the details of the 4th and final tournament in the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship, hosted at DreamHack Winter 2011 in Jönköping, Sweden. The tournament features a 400 000 SEK prize purse and will be the final of all things StarCraft from DreamHack this year, we promise you all an final that you never forget!

Some of the world’s best StarCraft II players will be attending in the main tournament but there will also be two separated BYOC tournaments open for all the attendees in the LAN area. More information and sign-up for the BYOC will be presented in the upcoming weeks.

The participants of the 64 player main tournament will be prior winners and runner ups of DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Tournaments, winners of Regional tournaments, qualified players from online qualification and selected players by the DreamHack eSports adminstration based on an open request.

Hundreds of players will play in the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship at DreamHack Winter 2011; thousands will follow the tournament on-site; hundreds of thousands will watch the official livestream powered by Twitch.TV; and millions will follow the online event coverage from the press on site. Swedish national television, SVT Play, will also broadcast the Grand Finals in swedish.

Official maps, rules and live stream details will be released in the upcoming weeks. Below you will find all necessary information to secure your participation.

Main Tournament
Dates: Thursday 24 November, Friday 25 November, Saturday 26 November
Game: StarCraft II
Patch: Latest version
No. of slots: 64
Game format: 1vs1 BO3 (Best of 3), Grand Final BO5 (Best of 5)
Tournament format:
Day 1: Group play #1 with 16 groups of 4 players each, 32 advances
Day 2: Group play #2 with 8 groups of 4 players each, 16 advances
Day 3: Playoff with single elimination
Dates: 24-26th of November. The first set of groups start at 10.00 CET on the 24th. The Grand Final will be played at 23.00 Saturday the 26th of November

1. 200 000 SEK
2. 90 000 SEK
3-4. 35 000 SEK
3-4. 35 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK

Maps: TBA

01. MC – Winner DreamHack Stockholm Invitational
02. White-Ra – Runner up DreamHack  Stockholm Invitational
03. HuK – Winner DreamHack Summer 2011
04. MooN – Runner up DreamHack Summer 2011
05. DongRaeGu – Winner DreamHack Valencia Invitational
06.  ThorZaIN    Runner up DreamHack Valencia Invitational
07.  Bly – DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC
08. StarEagle – DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC
09. LucifroN – Winner DreamHack South Europe Regionals
10. Winner DreamHack Balkan Regionals
11. Winner DreamHack Benelux Regionals
12. Winner Esport SM Oktober (8-9 October)
13. Winner Esport SM November (4-5 November)
14. Winner Online Qualification #1 (26 October)
15. Runner up Online Qualification #1 (26 October)
16. Winner Online Qualification #2 (27 October)
17. Runner up Online Qualification #2 (27 October)
18. Winner Online Qualification #3 (1 November)
19. Runner up Online Qualification #3 (1 November)
20. Winner Online Qualification #4 (2 November)
21. Runner up Online Qualification #4 (2 November)
22-64. Applications slot selected by admins

Main tournament application: E-mail your request to sc2@dreamhack.se. State the following information in your e-mail and use following subject ”DHW11 – Application”.
Cell phone no:
Notable Achievements:

Deadline: 14th of October 2011.

Tournament fee: All players need to buy an Event Pass (450 SEK), which includes all time access during the whole event and possibility to use the open sleeping hall. The Event Pass is bought at http://bokning.dreamhack.se. The players with qualified at LAN (slot 1-13.) are not required to buy an Event Pass.

  • http://twitter.com/MartinBerggren Martin Berggren

    niiiiice! :D :D:D:D

  • http://twitter.com/MartinBerggren Martin Berggren

    niiiiice! :D :D:D:D

  • http://twitter.com/eddeheuheu edde

    ingen byoc? -.-

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anton-Strand/1403420970 Anton Strand

    Finalen kl 23.00?

    Folk med dagspass kommer alltså inte kunna se finalen, det var ju jävligt tråkigt.

    • http://twitter.com/Wintastik David Karlsson

      Dagspass står sig till klockan 01:00 om jag inte missminner mig.

  • Caroline Danielsson

    wiee!! :D längtar!! <3

  • http://twitter.com/knugencom Erik Johansson

    Vilka kommer casta? Den våta drömmen är ju att ni lyckas få hit Tastosis så klart! :D

  • Dennis Johansson

    Jobbigt läge att det inte är nån byoc som i sommar, man vill ju ha en chans att kvala in i turneringen och inte direkt som man skulle bli acceptad utan några stora achievments eller utan att ha ett lag ens.

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