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DreamHack Presents: eSports 4.0 – DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE

Today DreamHack, Sapphire, AMD and Telia takes the next leap forward, presenting the next generation of esports entertainment. At DreamHack Winter 2011 we’ll enter Kinnarps Arena, one of Sweden’s largest ice hockey arenas, where over 4.000 eSports fans can watch the best live esports entertainment in the world.

The show will feature the final matches including the Grand Final of DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship in StarCraft II where a whooping 400 000 SEK are at stake. We will also show great matches in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Quake Live during the evening.

“This Winter we are taking it to the next level. I want to thank AMD, Sapphire and Telia for supporting DreamHack in our vision for the future, and also stating that DreamHack has always been about the community and the audience, so this year we will put on a show that our fans really deserve in our +4000 capacity DreamArena. This show is for all you guys! It is also an indication of what we have in store for 2012 and beyond. May the galaxy take heed…” says DreamHack CEO Robert Ohlén.

“Starting with our sponsorship of Dreamhack’s ground breaking series of SC2 events and now this, a leap forward in Esports presentation, the spectacular arena it truly deserves. This is our way of demonstrating Sapphire Technology’s commitment to the global eSports community” says Adrian Thompson- VP Global Marketing.

Take Swebus eSports Coach direct to DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE
DreamHack’s travel partner Swebus will arrange dedicated coaches from 5 major cities around Scandinavia, bringing the fans to the threshold of DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE and back again after the show! Take the esports buses to Jönköping and make sure you don’t miss this amazing on-site action!

Free Internet on all coaches for all your tweeting and facebooking needs during the trip!

Full details on the buses available at http://www.swebus.se and http://www.dreamhack.se from October 17.

Secure your seat today!
If you already bought a BYOC ticket OR if you only want an arena seat. Go to bokning.dreamhack.se and follow the instructions.

  • http://twitter.com/st00r Daniel Stoor


  • http://twitter.com/soundasleep Jevon Wright

    I am so jealous and gutted that I live on the other side of the world (literally) :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/jallejakob Jakob Vyth

    Det här kommer bli galet!

  • Anonymous

    GALET !!!!! nu jävlar växer speltävlingarna XD ! 

  • http://twitter.com/BarrensZeppelin Oskar

    Wait, if I bought an event pass, will I have to buy an additional ticket for 200SEK to see SSFIV, Quake Live and the SC2 final? If that is the case, then I am disappointed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/TommySagemar Tommy Sagemar

      Yes I think so Oskar. Only if you have a seat in the LAN you’ll get the reduced price

  • simonosterlund

    tycker det hade varit bättre med tävlingarna i samma hus som lanet, nu kan man inte gå runt i sina tofflor o bara glida in när man känner för det :P

    • Jonas Bengtson

      Visade ju sig inte fungera i somras när kön till DA:Extreme sträckte sig från A hallen hela vägen ner till D hallen. Inget negativt i detta dock, kommer bli grymt!

      Tvärtom kan du ju boka en plats och veta att du ALLTID kan glida ner i tofflorna utan att behöva bli nekad.

  • Anonymous

    200 SEK for one seat, when they only show sc2 and LameFighter? Ridiculously overpriced when i already bought a ticket for 1000 SEK… Really dissapointed in this…

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