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Prize Pool Increase for the MSi BEAT IT Heroes of Newerth Tournament – DreamHack Winter 2011 is rapidly approaching and Heroes of Newerth is preparing to make a huge splash at the world’s largest LAN party. From November 24-27 the best teams from around the world will throw down in the MSi BEAT IT Heroes of Newerth tournament. This will mark three years that Heroes of Newerth has been featured at DreamHack, so to commemorate the occasion we are increasing the prize pool of the event from the original 200 000 SEK. Now, teams will compete for 300 000 SEK and hardware including 5 MSI GT780 Laptops, 5 MSI Motherboards, and 5 MSI Graphic cards. The winning team will also get the opportunity to design and name an Alternate Avatar to be included in the game!

Ten teams have been invited so far after a series of online qualifiers, including the Summer Champion Fnatic MSI, who has been invited to defend their DreamHack title. At the DHW event, one additional qualifier will be hosted in the BYOC area, where the top two teams will receive invitations to the playoffs and fight for the 300 000 SEK prize pool. The BYOC qualifier is open to all DHW attendees.

S2 Games staff will also be on hand the event. You can find them at the official Heroes of Newerth booth, located at Booth B03:02. They will be picking attendees from the crowd to participate in some competitive HoN, shoutcasting the MSi BEAT IT tournament, and handing out giveaways aplenty throughout the entire event. There, you can also expect to see the future of HoN and an unveiling of epic proportions.

For more information including how to sign up to compete for the Heroes of Newerth BYOC qualifier, read more here!

Prize Distribution

1. 150,000 SEK + 5x MSI GT780DX Laptops

2. 90,000 SEK + 5x N560GTX-Ti Hawk graphics cards

3. 35,000 SEK + 5x Z68A-GD65 (G3) mainboards

4. 25,000 SEK

  • http://www.facebook.com/Andre.Chaos.Oliveira André Oliveira

    WTF >.<

    And a nice TMNF Tournament no? :( ((((((((((((((((((

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1080129684 Mikael Roos

    TMNF är nice, undrar hur detta kan bli :)

  • https://twitter.com/fBnations fB

    pushing TM2 to be an esports game i think is a huge mistake by Nadeo and Ubisoft. TMNF/Stadium is THE esports game, and only it holds the legacy of esports when it comes to Trackmania. it’s sad to see that Nadeo and Ubiosft cannot see this simple fact. this will just create a major shitstorm im afraid.


    • Anonymous

      I so do agree with you frostBeule, looking back at the last 7 years of playing the game, running servers, and building 1000′s of tracks Stadium has been and still IS THE environment that has been attracting the most players. Where up till the freezones these servers were pretty darn filled, it has become a shambles now. Killing a great game by Ubisoft will NOT make canyon any better then just a forced upon weak substitute. Its a pitty…..
      As long as TMUF will stay online I will run my server(s)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SDVNCNS3SYWDNIX65CWI74B25E Sebastian Pettersson

    Säljer en DHS11 biljett då jag själv inte kan åka.
    Tänkte mig runt 600kr för den, men om jag är på glatt humör kan pris diskuteras! ;)

    Intresserad? Skicka ett mail till belgarion422@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=737759150 Johan Tidblad

    bra att ni satsar, vore dock roligt med det gamla trackmania spelet i en turnering också :) ,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Igor-Lemeshev/100000374091142 Igor Lemeshev

    Dear Orgas, I mostly agree with FrostBeule (you know who is he ok) but take a deeper look at what you do

    TM2 is not released so you won’t see high performed players
    thus you won’t be able to fully connect with TM players (i mean interest about the competition)

    TM2 is seams like TMUF which wasn’t at your previous competitions ESWC WCG and all others not french competitions.

    TMNF is not dead as you could thought. As we can see nowadays it has almost equal competitive community as it was in the previous years. EMS became even more interesting with team mode and as you might see top-tier teams didn’t ignore this competition. Other not so popular competitions gather bigger amount of teams because they want to support their community.

    All in all if you want to get exited about the whole competition audience you should cooperate with community but if you want to get more views interested about tm2 not about competition than do what you do I can’t order you.

    ty for your attention

  • http://twitter.com/nikz0r Nikita

    TMNF is already old game to be in the tournaments. Mostly players already stopped or simply in inactive as u can see :) TM2 can give a new chance for the whole TM community, keep on TM2 please, is it right way ;)

    • https://twitter.com/fBnations fB

      what are you smoking? stop spreading stupid lies.

      • http://twitter.com/nikz0r Nikita

        is it true, just u don`t wanna say about it

        • https://twitter.com/fBnations fB

          again, what are you smoking? despite complete lack of support from Nadeo in terms of updates to the game, and a little thing called ‘freezone’ which certinaly doesn’t help, the game still have a strong community in tech, but also in speed, dirt and RPG with lots of tournaments being played all the time. i think you are talking about TMUF actually, as that one only have 2-3 tournaments a year hosted by ET-Generation only. TMUF is not TMNF.

          and if Nadeo actually supported TMNF more with updates, reformed freezone, and also listened to what the esports community want, it would be an even bigger and greater esports title than what it already is.

          but instead they do this.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Igor-Lemeshev/100000374091142 Igor Lemeshev

          cool story bro ;D

    • Anonymous

      Old game?? Who cares?Millions of people loved to play it, up till the freezone no one ever bothered about it, as long as new tracks were built and people had fun!! The whole thing came falling into a negative spiral the moment TM2 was announced, TMNF became freezone, TMU/F became a stand alone game, and clans were disrupted by this splitting of the game. Thus trying to force the freezone players into buying TMU/F, despite the fact that TM2 was announced allready some years ago!!!! The gamers gotta be happy by the fact that they can look at screenshots , trailers , meetings, conferences etc, etc…. Awesome this “great event” of the world first tournement of tm2….
      In stead of writing no sense, sending trailers and so on, their time could have been better spend in making the game finding its way into the shops. promises promises……..

  • Jay Smith

    agreed with frost.. TMNF > any other pc racing game PERIOD.. that includes tm2.. TMNF is the game with thousands of players who hold together a huge esports scene, Igor saying that the scene is inactive/dying is total bull, have you not seen the number of teams in ESL this past season? I challenge you to find that people for a TM2 tournament in its entire future as a game!..

    Totally gay that Nadeo/Ubisoft do this imo.

  • Nasir Amin


  • Perrico Seerattan

    can i enter?

  • Anonymous

    how do y enter send me an email cozz i dont read @deathnotl4st@hotmail:disqus .com

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