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DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship Groups

Tonight we can present all the information of the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship. The groups has been drawn and the schedule is ready to be released.

Update 2011-11-23: Second update on replacement of players
Flo had to unfortunately cancel her participation and will be replaced Seala and Satiini will be replaced by StjarNaN.

Update 2011-11-22: Updated rules and replacement of players
GSL Terminus was listed with the wrong version, the correct one will beGSL Terminus SE (Official.) – TeamClash. DreamHack is sorry for this mistake.

Second we have got two cancellations where Tarson will be replaced by Flo and Bly will be replaced by Forsen.

Main Tournament:

Dates: 24-26 November. The first set of groups start at 10.00 CET on the 24th. The Grand Final will be played at 23.00 Saturday the 26th of November
Game: StarCraft II
Patch: Latest version
No. of slots: 64
Game format: 1vs1 BO3 (Best of 3), Semi finals BO5 (Best of 5), Grand Final BO7 (Best of 7)
Tournament format:
Day 1: Group play #1 with 16 groups of 4 players each, 32 advances
Day 2: Group play #2 with 8 groups of 4 players each, 16 advances
Day 3: Playoff with single elimination
Map pool: TSL3 Metalopolis, GSL Antiga Shipyard, GSL Daybreak, GSL Dual Sight, ESL Shakuras Plateau, Tal’Darim Altar LE, GSL Terminus SE
Rules: Click here for the official DreamHack Winter SC2 rules including schedule (1.1 version)


1. 200 000 SEK
2. 90 000 SEK
3-4. 35 000 SEK
3-4. 35 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK
5-8. 10 000 SEK


Group A

Mousesports ThorZaIN
Dignitas Select
InFerno eSports Kaeru

Group B

Team EG PuMa
Fnatic NightEnd
Team Acer Osho
Aprender NaRa

Group C

Mousesports MaNa
Low Land Lions Orly
Inferno esports RunA

Group D

Tt Esports White-Ra
Alternate ClouD

Group E

Dignitas SjoW
Dignitas Bischu

Group F

coL.MVP DongRaeGu
Cyber Nation SarenS
Redbyte StarEagle

Group G

Team Acer Nerchio
Liquid HayprO
eSahara Naama
Cyber Nation Kenzy

Group H

Dignitas merz
Inferno eSports SortOf

Group I

compLexity NaNiwa
Team Empire Happy
Empire Beastyqt
Gameburg Ciara

Group J

Liquid TLO
Amity StjarNaN
Alien-invasion Seiplo

Group K

Liquid Sheth
Fnatic ToD
eXelon Fuzer

Group L

Liquid Ret
Low Land Lions DaBoO

Group M

Team EG IdrA
Team Empire Kas
Inferno eSports Jimpo

Group N

Gama Bears Sen
eSahara DeathAngel
eSuba DeViL

Group O

Team EG HuK
Infused Seala
GosuGamers Naugrim

Group P

coL.MVP Genius
Team Acer Elfi
TypeII ReaL


01. Tt Esports White-Ra – Runner up DreamHack Stockholm Invitational
02. Team EG HuK – Winner DreamHack Summer 2011
03. coL.MVP DongRaeGu – Winner DreamHack Valencia Invitational
04. Mousesports ThorZaIN – Runner up DreamHack Valencia Invitational
05. Forsen
06. Redbyte StarEagle – DreamHack Summer 2011 BYOC
07. Cyber Nation SarenS – Runner up DreamHack South Europe Regionals
08. Low Land Lions Orly Winner DreamHack Benelux Regionals
09. Inferno eSports SortOf – Winner Esport SM Oktober (8-9 October)
10. Cytoplasm – Winner Esport SM November (4-5 November)
11. Fnatic NightEnd – Winner DreamHack Balkan Regionals
12. TypeII.PhoeNix – Winner Online Qualification #1 (26 October)
13. ROX.KIS.Titan – Runner up Online Qualification #1 (26 October)
14. ROX.KIS.Abver – Winner Online Qualification #2 (27 October)
15. TypeII.DBS – Runner up Online Qualification #2 (27 October)
16. eSahara DeathAngel – Winner Online Qualification #3 (1 November)
17. Alien-invasion Seiplo – Runner up Online Qualification #3 (1 November)
18. Amity StjarNaN
19. TypeII ReaL – Runner up Online Qualification #4 (2 November)
20. coL.MVP Genius
21. Gama Bears Sen
22. Liquid Sheth
23. compLexity NaNiwa
24. Liquid`HerO
25. Team Acer Elfi
26. Team Acer Nerchio
27. Liquid Ret
28. Fnatic ToD
29. Liquid HayprO
30. Liquid TLO
31. Team Empire Kas
32. Team Empire Happy
33. Grubby
34. QxG.SaSe
35. Team EG PuMa
36. Team EG IdrA
37. Dignitas SjoW
38. Millenium.Stephano
39. Mousesports MaNa
40. Dignitas Select
41. ESC GoOdy
42. Millenium.LaLuSh
43. Infused Seala
44. IM.Fenix
45. Dignitas merz
46. Alternate ClouD
47. Empire Beastyqt
48. Team Acer Osho
49. Millenium.Adelscott
50. eSahara Naama
51. ViruS.MoMaN
52. eSuba.PredY
53. Dignitas Bischu
54. Gameburg Ciara
55. Inferno Esports Jimpo
56. Cyber Nation Kenzy
57. eXelon Fuzer
58. InFerno eSports RunA
59. eSuba DeViL
60. Aprender NaRa
61. Low Land Lions DaBoO
62. ESC ViprO
63. GosuGamers Naugrim
64. InFerno eSports Kaeru

MC, HasuObs, TT1, DeMusliM, Killer and Clide have unfortunately for different reasons canceled their participation at DreamHack Winter 2011.

Contact us:
Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

  • John Pedersen

    Whoohoo A danish player :D

    • Kristoffer Blædel

      yeah, too bad he’s in a pretty tough group. Would love to see him at the playoffs!

  • http://twitter.com/Zanga__ Zanga

    Siiiiiiiiiick…….. NANIWA! THORZAIN! SASE! :D

  • http://twitter.com/HaleShepard Haley Shepard

    Aww, TLO and HerO in the same group makes me sad. Though it does mean we should get some entertaining matches from them.

  • Tooooom

    Banjo easy win

  • http://twitter.com/JohanThaL Johan Lavén

    Whats Abaut MouzMorrow? :O

  • http://twitter.com/czAshen Ashen

    Someone was sleeping when this got put together. I mean 2 teamkills? Like rly? (for trolls – Dignitas and Liquid WILL teamkill)

    • http://twitter.com/TpkWW Sladjan Tasic

      Actually there’s 3 teamkills (you forgot Team Empire in group I) although unlike other teamkills I expect both Liquid players to go through.

  • http://twitter.com/Daeracon Peter Olsson

    Had some really poor drop outs here. Clide and Demuslim…wanted them to be there.

  • http://twitter.com/Johnnystone93 Johnny Stone

    Jinro missing :(

  • Stuart Rodger

    Speshul taktics will win the day :D

  • http://twitter.com/2740perday $2740 per day

    where’s leenock :D

  • Evangelia Dendramis


  • Anonymous

    cliiiiiiiiiiide is not coming 0.0

  • http://twitter.com/asmodlol (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    i guess stephano will go to the bank again

  • http://twitter.com/happush Artem Nedelyaev

    go abver! go!

  • David Olsson

    Leenock playing GSL

  • http://twitter.com/ggbetnet ggBet

    This is going to be the most epic dreamhack.  A look in the rules mentions heart rate monitors???? Whats going on with these? I dont recall them at any previous dreamhacks..    ggBet will have fantasy betting going throughout dreamhack.  Enjoy. http://ggbet.net

  • Simon Lundberg

    Where can i see streams from theese games?

  • http://twitter.com/DK_Fredie_H Fredie

    When will Idra play?

  • Filip Spånberg

    Where can I find info on who won previous matches, and who is playing in the quarter finals?

  • http://twitter.com/Forsberg3 Forsberg

    Can anyone Sign to the tournament or is it any low tournaments on dreamhack?

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