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Caster Signings

We’ve already have had a number of signing sessions with pro players such as Stephano, SjoW, HuK, Sheth and PuMa at the player lounge in hall C.

Now it’s time for the casters!

On Saturday the 26th of November every casting duo will attend signing sessions. We don’t have too much time for each session, so make sure that you’re there fairly early if you want to make sure that your stuff will be signed!


10:00: MrBitter and Day[9]

12:00: Tasteless and Artosis

14:00: TotalBiscuit and d.Apollo

So once again, if you’re interested in getting your swag and stuff signed, make sure to be at the player lounge tomorrow, I know I will!

  • Anonymous

    Är det i C det signas även för casters?

  • http://twitter.com/Sc2Noob Sc2Noob

    Fuck, where is stream Nerchio vs Ret???

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