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The Dreamhack Expo was a success with more visitors than ever in the booths.
- It’s been great! It’s been more visitors than ever and we are definitely coming back, says one off the Steelseries guys as he takes a short brake in the demolition to talk to us. Companies like MSI, Logitech, s2-games, Tt-Esport and more has shown their products these past three days. And to those who missed the Expo, here’s some pictures. You’ll find more on our flickraccont where you also can se all the photos of DreamHack Winter 2011.  (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dreamhack/)
/Jessica Kroon
  • Johannes Pilback

    Var det bara jag som tyckte expon var ovanligt trist i år? Ett fåtal jättestora montrar med skithög volym i sina PA:n, massor med gaming, vilket är kul, men väldigt väldigt lite annat. Saknade överklockning, och sjyssta hang outs, bl. a.

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