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The finals of DreamArena Extreme

During the DreamHack Winter 2011 a lot of records have been broken and for the eSport of DreamHack it was another amazing record in attention, player numbers and prize money. All the tournament finished during Saturday and we have a bunch of new DreamHack Champions

DreamHack Zotac Championship – Quake Live TDM

First out of all the Grand Finals where the DreamHack Zotac Championship in Quake Live. Through the first two days group games and playoff had been played and only the final and 3rd place decider where left. In the Grand final where the favorites colwn (stermy, toxic, linkin, winz) and 300 (draven, dem0n, krysa, Spart1e) faced off. It finished in two straight but close maps giving colwn the win. Thanks to our sponsors Zotac, Plantronics and Twitch.tv.

1. colwn – 35 000 SEK
2. 300 – 15 000 SEK
3. tRainspotting – 10 000 SEK

DreamHack MSI Beat It – Heroes of NewErth

Probably the most stacked HoN tournament ever happen during the DreamHack Winter 2011 in the MSI Beat It tournament. The best team from around the world had qualified to the tournament and it was time to compete for the amazing 300 000 SEK. In the Grand Final taking place in front of a completely filled DreamArena Extreme with seats the audience was shown a battle between Fnatic and Frenetic Array. The final ended with the reigning champions Fnatic defending their titel and bringing down Frenetic Array with 2-1 in games. Thanks to our sponsor MSI and the MSI Beat It administration.

1. Fnatic – 100 000 SEK + 5x MSI GT780 Laptops
2. Frenetic Array – 50 000 SEK + 5x MSI Motherboards
3. Lions – 30 000 SEK + 5x MSI Graphic cards
4. Trademark Esports – 20 000 SEK

DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Championship – Dota 2

Thanks to Corsair and Valve DreamHack could be the first ones to organize an open competition in Dota 2 although the game is still in the beta-phase. The interest for the tournament is not comparable to anything DreamHack has experienced before, 624 teams had registered. The BYOC tournament only had 64 slots which shows that Dota 2 already has a huge fan base and the DreamHackers wants to try the game out. In the final DreamArena Extreme one of the invited teams Fnatic faced off against WHB who had fought through the whole BYOC and the group stage to reach the finals. WHB came out victorious with 2-1 in games. Thanks Corsair and Valve for the sponsorship of this tournament.
1. WHB – 50 000 SEK
2. Fnatic – 25 000 SEK
3. SK-Gaming – 15 000 SEK
4. TeamShakiras – 10 000 SEK

DreamHack MSI Beat It – Counter-Strike 1.6

The end show of DreamArena Extreme for DreamHack Winter 2011 was the grand final of the DreamHack MSI Beat It in Counter-Strike 1.6. With a stacked arena with 1100 people the two Swedish teams Fnatic and Lions faced off. Both had gone through a hard group stage and playoff but shown they were worthy to fight for the championship in the final. Fnatic put up their best game and could claim the title after 2-1 in maps. Thanks to our sponsor MSI and the Beat It administration for making this tournament happen.
1. Fnatic – 100 000 SEK + 5x MSI GT780 Laptops
2. Lions – 50 000 SEK + 5x MSI Motherboards
3. Na`Vi – 30 000 SEK + 5x MSI Graphic cards
4. Mousesports – 20 000 SEK


The coolest news at DreamHack Winter 2011 was without a doubt the DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE in Kinnarps Arena. During the festival the DreamHack crew built the final arena with 4000 seats. The DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE was completely sold out and we all got treated by a show no one will ever forget.

DreamHack Energizer Championship – Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

The first final of the evening was the DreamHack Energizer Championship. The tournament had been played out through the Saturday and in the final with had the muli-DreamHack Champion Ryan Hart vs Infiltration. Infiltration came from the loser bracket and therefore had to win two best of fives to become the DreamHack Champion. The final could not have become more exciting as Infiltration took the first best of five and it all came down to the last round of the last set. The DreamArena crowd got totally in love with Street Fighter and when Infiltration won the last round the crowd exploded. Thanks to Energizer, Capcom and Madcatz for sponsoring this tournament.

DreamHack Plantronics Championship – Quake Live Duel

The classic eSport title Quake had of course its final at DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE. The tournament had attracted all the big stars and the best players from around the world. In the final was Cypher and Rapha in yet another epic final. Cypher came out big and did not give Rapha many chances. Cypher could claim another title with 3-0 in maps and is the DreamHack Champion of DreamHack Winter 2011. Thanks to our sponsors Plantronics, Zotac and Twitch.tv.
1. Cypher – 30 000 SEK
2. Rapha – 15 000 SEK
3. av3k – 10 000 SEK

DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship – StarCraft II

The final tournament of DreamHack Winter 2011 and the final event of the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship was the final of StarCraft II. With 64 players and a record breaking 400 000 SEK it generated more attention than before. The crowd was super excited when the semi finals took place. With the final introduction the DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE totally went crazy as the finalists PuMa and HerO entered the stage. 4000 people stood up, shouted and applauded the two Koreans. The final was even more nerve wracking than the previous finals and it all came down to the final map. HerO could eventually go out of the booth and face the crowd that were about the collapse as it had been such a night to remember. Thanks to our sponsors SAPPHIRE, AMD, Eizo and SteelSeries.
1. Liquid`HerO – 200 000 SEK
2. Team EG PuMa – 90 000 SEK
3-4. Fnatic NightEnd, Liquid Ret – 35 000 SEK
5-8. eSahara Naama, coL.MVP DongRaeGu, AI Seiplo, Team Acer Nerchio – 10 000 SEK

This was DreamHack Winter 2011 and all the eSport tournaments. See you at DreamHack 2012!

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    It seems that Fnatic is the biggest winner of Dreamhack Winter 2011. Congratulations.

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