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The Final of DreamArena SAPPHIRE AMD Championship in StarCraft II

Right now, LiquidHerO and EGPuMa are duking it out against one another in the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship Starcraft II final. Read the full recap, game by game.

Game One

The first game was on metalopolis, with PuMa going 4 Barracks into expand, and HerO went 2 Gateway Robotics facility. HerO managed to kill off a few marines with some excellent stalker micro, but PuMa answered by making a strong push for HerO’s main with concussive shells finished. With the help off some nice scans, PuMa killed off a lot of HerO’s forces, including one immortal. It looked like PuMa would kill off HerO’s expansion, but one heroic collosi managed to kill off a ton of marines and break the contain.

HerO then made a strong push for PuMa’s main, but thanks to a very nice sandwich, PuMa killed of HerO’s army, and pushed back HerO, killing off his expansion and forcing the GG.

Game Two

Played on Daybreak, both players went for a fast expansion. HerO managed to send in some zealots after PuMa took down the destructible rocks to take control of a Xel’naga tower and killed off PuMa’s expansion, containing PuMa and doing TONS of damage. PuMa then decided that he couldn’t win unless he did an all-in, pulled all his SCV’s and moved out when stim was finished. However, as PuMa’s SCV’s neared HerO’s expansion HerO laid down some HUGE forcefields, cutting off nearly all of the SCV’s, and now we’re tied 1-1.

Game Three

Game #3 was played on GSL Dual Sight, a map where PuMa did a very successful 1-1-1  against NightEnD. PuMa managed to wall his base off JUST as HerO’s probe came to his base. PuMa did the 1 barracks, 1 factory and 1 starport (the 1-1-1), but HerO built a Phoenix to counter it, however the banshee snuck past the phoenixes, who proceeded to lift up MULE’s as PuMa called them down, but another phoenix just finished warping in as the banshee came up to HerO’s base, as well as the detection available to kill it off if it cloaked.

After that, HerO managed to destroy a supply depot at PuMa’s base wall-in, moved into the main of PuMa, and then proceeded to win the game. 2-1 to HerO now.

Game Four

HerO and PuMa spawned cross-map on Tal’Darim Altar, with PuMa expanding quickly behind a bunker. HerO scouted this out and went for some 3-Gate pressure. He used a stalker to get vision of the high ground to warp in some zealots, and with the help of those, dealing lots of damage to PuMa’s expansion.

PuMa was forced to lift off his Command Center, and eventually managed to stop HerO’s push. However, he was very behind on the worker front, and needed to even things out badly soon. PuMa then attempted to attack HerO’s expansion, but HerO easily repelled it with the help of some force fields. When HerO did the counter-push, PuMa couldn’t hold him back, and lost game four, and now the standings are 3-1 in the favor of HerO.

Game Five

This game was played on Shakuras Plateau. The players both spawned on the bottom half of the map, with PuMa walling in to expand fast once again. HerO went for a fast expansion of his own. HerO managed to sneak past PuMa’s initial marine and spotted the expansion. seeing this, he decided to go for one gateway and a quick robotics facility, while PuMa went 3 barracks, two with tech labs and one with a reactor.

PuMa then built a ghost academy, but HerO scouted it out with an observer, and responded by putting down a robotics bay. PuMa made his way to HerO’s expansion, but after seeing HerO’s spread, he decided to pull back. As the thermal lance upgrade finished up, HerO decided to move out and attacked PuMa’s natural, but PuMa flanked his army, and killed off all of his army. However, HerO warped in an additional round of zealots, and pushed PuMa back to his main. PuMa managed to kill off the zealots here.

Noticing that PuMa had vikings out, HerO decided to stop building collosi and focus on immortals. PuMa then pushed out for HerO’s third and managed to reach it just as HerO did a probe transfer, and as HerO’s army arrived there, he did another sandwich killing it off. HerO the sent out some DT’s, with one of them disturbing PuMa’s mining at his third.

HerO then managed to build his army up again and then attacked PuMa, and killed off a lot of units. However, PuMa came out on top, and kept pushing for HerO’s third, forcing HerO to surrender. And after this awesome game, it’s now 3-2, advantage HerO.

Game Six

The two faced off once again on Terminus SE, the biggest map in the professional Starcraft II scene. HerO expanded quick once again, but PuMa, spotting this, placed four barracks down instead of building a command center and expanding. HerO built three more gateways, but they couldn’t finish on time, and HerO lost his base as well as the game, and we’re going to have us a deciding game number seven!

Game Seven

The last game, deciding who would win the DreamHack winter 2011 Starcraft II tournament finals and 200,000 Swedish kronor (roughly 30,000 dollars), was played on Antiga Shipyard. The players spawns were across the map and both players, maybe a bit wary of early pushes since games before, didn’t expand especially fast. PuMa walled himself in once again, and expanded behind that, just as during the Metalopolis game. HerO placed down an expansion himself and went for 3 gateways and a robotics facility.

PuMa scouted out the three gateways, but not the robo. He then placed down two forges to get some early upgrades. HerO then placed down a photon cannon after seeing some ghosts from PuMa just to be certain. when PuMa pushed out against HerO’s third, HerO managed to trap PuMa’s ghosts, and although losing the expansion, he killed off a lot of PuMa’s army, and catching some of the medivacs in a trap as they retreated to the main of PuMa.

HerO then attacked PuMa’s planetary fortress with the help of some force fields, but PuMa managed to shoot some very nice EMP’s on the high templars, as well as sniping some of them as they were attempting to morph into archons. PuMa then did a drop on HerO’s fourth, but that did very little damage. PuMa attacked HerO’s third, and landed some great EMP’s, but HerO held it off and gained a huge lead.

Hero then attacked PuMa’s expansion at the middle of the map, taking it out, and went after the planetary fortress at PuMa’s third, killing it off, setting PuMa back to two bases, with only one of them mining. He then proceeded to build three nexii near PuMa’s main ramp, perhaps as payback for the MULE PuMa called down at the end of the first game, to show his dominance. After this, PuMa couldn’t hold out any longer, and called the GG.

HerO the Champion of DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship

Finally we have the champion of the grand final event of the year of DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship at DreamHack Winter 2011 in StarCraft II. Liquid HerO could walk out on the catwalk celebrated as the super star he has become during the tournament. HerO takes home the grand prize of 200 000 SEK where as PuMa got second bringing home 90 000 SEK.

Final standing

1. Liquid`HerO – 200 000 SEK
2. Team EG PuMa – 90 000 SEK
3-4. Fnatic NightEnd, Liquid Ret – 35 000 SEK
5-8. eSahara Naama, coL.MVP DongRaeGu, AI Seiplo, Team Acer Nerchio – 10 000 SEK

The Tournament Director of DreamHack and Head Admin of StarCraft II Christian “Hellspawn” Lord had some final words to say:

“We at DreamHack would like to thank all of our sponsors that made this StarCraft II season possible SAPPHIRE, AMD, Eizo and SteelSeries. And of course many kisses and hugs to all the fans, players and especially all the people/crew that have been involved with this production throughout the year. Thank you all for all the hard work, passion and love for eSports, we hope that 2012 will be even better, bigger and more exciting than 2011.”

  • http://profiles.google.com/arild.marthinsen Arild Marthinsen

    will the VOD`s be put out for either streaming or download?

  • http://FlameMan.pl FlameMan

    I’m sad that Nerchio ends tournament on 5-8 place. He’s much better. Congratulations anyway for all gamers.

    And it seems that Koreans come back on top. :(

    • Anonymous

      At least it’s the Koreans on the foreigner teams :)

  • http://twitter.com/PuroYO Puro

    F’ing love it!

  • Pim Morskate

    Best finals I’ve ever seen. I’ll be at DH summer 2012 for sure and cheer for Liquid once again!
    Good job to Dreamhack, and long live Intel Pack4Dreamhack!

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