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DreamHack MSI BEAT IT – Heroes Of Newerth

The Dota genre is huge at DreamHack and Heroes Of Newerth is one of the most popular games in the BYOC area. At DreamHack Winter 2011 we are joining forces with MSI Beat IT and are very happy to present a prize purse of 200 000 SEK and some great hardware including 5x MSI GT780 Laptops, 5x MSI Motherboards and 5x MSI Graphic cards. The online qualifications will gather 10 top teams including the summer champions fnatic who is invited to defend their DreamHack title. For all teams at DreamHack we will as usual arrange a large BYOC qualification where the two best teams will go to the playoffs and fight for the money.

Prize distribution

1. 150,000 SEK + 5x MSI GT780DX Laptops

2. 90,000 SEK + 5x N560GTX-Ti Hawk graphics cards

3. 35,000 SEK + 5x Z68A-GD65 (G3) mainboards

4. 25,000 SEK

Teams & Qualifiers

01. fnatic
02. Trademark eSports
03. Team EZ
04. Online Kingdom
05. Infused eSports
06. Lions
07. Frenetic Array
08. HonPortal.org
09. Reason Gaming
10. Team Wahlin/ Druidz Omega
11. DreamHack Winter 2011 BYOC (24-25 November)
12. DreamHack Winter 2011 BYOC (24-25 November)


Group A:
Trademark eSports
Infused tT eSports
Frenetic Array
BYOC UB – Register here!

Group B
Reason Gaming
Online Kingdom
Druidz Omega
Team EZ
BYOC LB – Register here!


Thursday, 24th of November
14:00: FnaticMSI vs Infs / OK vs EZ
15:30: tdM vs Port / Lions vs Druidz
17:00: FnaticMSI vs Fray / OK vs Rea
18:30: Infs vs Port / EZ vs Druidz
20:00: tdM vs Fray / Lions vs Rea
21:30: FnaticMSI vs Port / OK vs Druidz
23:00: Infs vs tdM / EZ vs Lions
00:30 Group A/B – Round 8 BO1 : Fray vs UB / Rea vs LB

Friday, 25th of November
09:00: FnaticMSI vs tdM / OK vs Lions
10:30: Port vs UB / Druidz vs LB
12:00: Infs vs UB / EZ vs LB
13:30: Port vs Fray / Druidz vs Rea
15:00: tdM vs UB / Lions vs LB
16:30: Infs vs Fray / EZ vs Rea
18:00: FnaticMSI vs UB / OK vs LB
19:00 – 22:30 Possible tiebreaker
In case of no tie breaker:

20:00 Quarters BO3 : #2 Group A vs #3 B and #3 Group A vs #2 Group B
23:00 Semifinals BO3 : #1 Group A vs winner of #3 Group A vs #2 Group B; #1 Group B vs winner of #2 Group A vs #3 B

26th of November
10:00 Third Place BO3
14:00 Grand Final BO3: DreamArena Extreme

In case of tie breaker:

22:30 Quarters BO3 : #2 Group A vs #3 B and #3 Group A vs #2 Group B
26th of November
09:00 Semifinals BO3 : #1 Group A vs winner of #3 Group A vs #2 Group B; #1 Group B vs winner of #2 Group A vs #3 B
12:00 Third Place BO3: Will get played asap
14:00 Grand Finals BO3: DreamArena Extreme


- Exploiting bugs and glitches is not allowed. Using fissure to block creeps is not allowed.
- Only Pulling from “real” pullspot is allowed, lane pulling spot, creep camp closest to the lane
- Backdooring is allowed
- No item restrictions
- Monarch, Gemini and Lord Salforis are auto banned
- In case of two tiebreakers in a row, no more tiebreakers will be played, but team KD ratio will be counted from the matches of 2nd tiebreaker and team with best team KD difference will win the tiebreaker.

More information can be found at www.msi.com

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