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DreamArena is the name of our entertainment stages built to fit the needs of a gamer or a geek. Here you can find the Grand Finals in the biggest e-sports tournaments, movies, lectures and other digital entertainment. Everything is presented with lights, sound, big screens and commentators which create a special atmosphere for everyone.

At DreamHack Winter 2011 we’ll have 3 arenas:
- DreamArena AMD Sapphire (eSports – only Saturday)
- DreamArena Extreme (eSports – all days)
- DreamArena Orange (Lectures & workshops – all days)


DreamHack, Sapphire, AMD and Telia takes the next leap forward, presenting the next generation of esports entertainment. At DreamHack Winter 2011 we’ll enter Kinnarps Arena, one of Sweden’s largest ice hockey arenas, where over 4.000 eSports fans can watch the best live esports entertainment in the world.

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The show will feature the final matches including the Grand Final of DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship in StarCraft II where a whooping 400 000 SEK are at stake. We will also show great matches in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Quake Live during the evening.

17.30 The show starts
18.00 StarCraft II Semi-final RO4 (BO5) Set 1
19.30 Super Street Fighter IV AE Final
20.00 StarCraft II Semi-final RO4 (BO5) Set 2
21.30 Quake Live Duel Final
23.00 StarCraft II Grand Final (BO7)


Swedish Youtube sensation Tejbz will host DreamArena AMD Sapphire at 26th of November. He will join the famous StarCraft II-casters Day[9], Tasteless, Artosis, Apollo, TotalBiscuit and MrBitter on-stage and be the official presenter of the games and the show.

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All DreamHack-visitors with a LAN/BYOC-ticket can buy a seat in the arena for 1 SEK. If you dont have a ticket you can reserve your seat in the arena for 200 SEK.


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