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News > Esport > Tasteless, Artosis, Apollo, Kaelaris, Redeye & Abedisi to host WCS Europe Finals

[WCS] Tasteless, Artosis, Apollo, Kaelaris, Redeye & Abedisi to host Europe Finals 15-16 september in Ericsson Globe

DreamHack and Blizzard is proud to present the caster line-up for StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals in Stockholm, Sweden 15-16 september. Secure your ticket today and don’t miss this unique opportunity to watch Europe’s best StarCraft II-players collide in an epic event in Ericsson Globe, casted by the very best in the world. Welcome to Sweden Tasteless, Apollo, Artosis, Kaelaris, Redeye & Abedisi.

StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals is a 2 day event and is best experienced on location where you can meet the players, casters and thousands of other StarCraft-fans, grab something to eat and drink and watch the one of the best esport shows available on earth LIVE! For those who can not be on location, DreamHack will provide two main English streams on DreamHack.tv and one Swedish stream at our media partner Aftonbladet.se.

We are extremely happy to have Tasteless, Apollo, Artosis, Kaelaris as our English casters and also very proud to welcome back Adebisi to provide excellent in-game observing for the casters and the people watching the stream. Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner that will be the host of the event and introduce both viewers and on-site visitors to the show. We’ll give you some more updates throughout the upcoming weeks with stage schedule, stream schedule and more general information about the stream production.

Tickets are available now! Buy them at Ticnet.se today!

The Casters:

Nick ‘Tasteless Plott@CallMeTasteless
Nick “Tasteless” Plott is one half of the casting archon known as ‘Tastosis’ – one of the most popular eSports casting team’s in the world. Tasteless started off casting StarCraft: BroodWar but his big break came after moving to South Korea to pursue his dream as professional caster. Today he’s the primary caster of Global StarCraft League (GSL), the most prestigious StarCraft II-league in the world and regularly shout cast all the major events including MLG, ESL and DreamHack. Tasteless unique voice, funny comments and mainstream appeal will make sure that you will get the best possible entertainment in Ericsson Globe.
Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski@Artosis
Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski is known for his unrivaled knowledge of the game coupled with his entertaining style of casting, which makes him the premier caster in eSports. Artosis is called the best StarCraft II analyst in the world by many and he’s casting GSL together with Tasteless in South Korea. Artosis is traveling around the world attending StarCraft II-events mentioned above, but also events in World Championship Series events in United Kingdom, China and Oceania together with his friend and colleague Tasteless. Artosis will give his in-depth knowledge to the viewers and make sure you understand every move by the participating players.
Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark@ApolloSC2
Former World Cyber Games Champion and Team Dignitas player Apollo have casted all DreamHack tournaments in StarCraft II since the first tournament at DreamHack Winter 2010. Today Apollo is a regular caster at DreamHack, ASUS ROG, MLG and IPL tournaments. He’s respected as one of the best in-game analysts and commentators in the field and is now working full-time in this profession from The GD Studios in Stockholm. He also casted WCS Nordic Nationals together with Grubby.
James ‘Kaelaris’ Carrol@Kaelaris
James “Kaelaris” Carrol is one of the most up and coming casters in the world right now. He’s the official caster of ESL and mousesports but also the face of World Championship Series in Europe and casted the Nationals in Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Combined Europe and France. He also attended the WCS Nationals in Brazil and casted IEM Season VII – Global Challenge Cologne alongside Day9, Tasteless & Artosis. Kaelaris will give the backstories in each players and explain how they did in the Nationals to get to the Europe Finals.

The Host:

Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner@PaulChaloner
Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner is a true eSports professional with a long track record of hosting, casting and producing eSports streams from events. Paul have been involved in numerous eSports events, including World Cyber Games and Championship Gaming Series, and will be the centre of attention during this broadcast. Paul has been very active recently, being part of WCS broadcasts around Europe and also hosting Intel Extreme Masters at GamesCom. His professional but community-driven approach will make sure that all viewers at home and in Ericsson Globe is informed, entertained and excited.

The Observer:

Michael ‘Adebisi’ Van Driel@AdebisiSC
DreamHack & Blizzard will once again bring in Canadian observer Adebisi to provide dedicated observing in the DreamHack production. Adebesi is praised to be one of the best in the business and will fly in from Toronto for this event. This will give our casters more time to focus on their casting and we believe this will increase the production quality a lot.


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