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ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2 Playoffs

This week ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2 enters the playoffs (Phase 3) which takes place at DreamHack Winter 2014. There the 6 best teams will fight for over $100,000.


It has been an action pact week with lots of Dota 2 as ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2 Phase 2took place between the 17-23 November in the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm. The 8 best teams from Phase 1 face each other in a round robin best of 2. Cloud 9 ended first in the stand with a 10-4 score and second place went to Evil Geniuses also with a score of 10-4 but they went 0-2 versus Cloud 9. Both teams advance into the second double elimination and will enter the playoff on the second day. Unfortunately MVP Phoenix got knocked out together with Alliance and will not participate in the Playoffs at DreamHack Winter 2014. Both teams showed some great skill and it was the last match of Phase 2 that decided as Virtus.Pro made the cut in the end.


MVP of Phase 2

One of the highlights of the tournament was 4ASC from Finland who performed very well and finished in a four slots. One of the reason was their support player Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka who got voted the MVP of the tournament and received a Zenbook from ASUS ROG.



English stream – live at www.twitch.tv/dreamleague and http://www.viagame.com/
Swedish stream – live at tv6play.se
Russian stream – live at www.twitch.tv/dreamleague_v1lat
Chinese stream – live at www.huomaotv.com/live/123


English Broadcast
http://open.dreamhack.se/images/6136988-Netherlands.gif Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden – Host
Jess Brohard – Host
Bruno “Bruno” Carlucci – Analyst / Co-Host
Andy “Draskyl” Stiles – Commentator
David “Luminous” Zhang – Commentator
http://dreamhack.se/dhw11/files/2011/09/Sweden1.gif Niklas “Wagamama” Högström
Shane “Shaneomad” Clarke – Co-host
James “2GD” Harding

Swedish Broadcast
http://dreamhack.se/dhw11/files/2011/09/Sweden1.gif Fredrik “Slop3″ Wahlstedt – Host
http://dreamhack.se/dhw11/files/2011/09/Sweden1.gif Kim ”Drayich” Larsson
http://dreamhack.se/dhw11/files/2011/09/Sweden1.gif Erik “Bogdan” Olsson
http://dreamhack.se/dhw11/files/2011/09/Sweden1.gif Louise “Bummi” Wahlstrand

Learn more about the Swedish TV6 broadcast here.

Click on picture for a larger version of the picture.


27th of November – Thursday – Start 13:30
14:00 http://www.dreamhack.se/dhs12/files/2012/04/Europe.gif Team Tinker vs http://www.dreamhack.se/dhs12/files/2012/05/Russia2.gif Virtus.Pro (BO1)
15:15 http://www.dreamhack.se/dhw14/files/2014/10/Finland.gif 4ASC vs http://www.dreamhack.se/dhs12/files/2012/05/Russia2.gif Virtus.Pro Polar (BO1)
16:30 Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2 (BO3)
19:00 Loser Match 1 vs Loser Match 2 (BO3)
21:30 Winner Match 4 vs Loser Match 3 (BO3)

28th of November – Friday – Start 13:30
14:00 http://www.dreamhack.se/dhs12/files/2012/04/United-States.gif Evil Geniuses vs Winner Match 4 (BO3)
16:30 http://open.dreamhack.se/images/8501446-Canada.gif Cloud 9 vs Winner Match 5 (BO3)
19:00 Loser Match 6 vs Loser Match 7 (BO3)
21:30 Winner Match 6 vs Winner Match 7 (BO3)
19:00 Loser Match 6 vs Loser Match 7 (BO3)
21:30 Winner Match 6 vs Winner Match 7 (BO3)

29th of November – Saturday – Start 13:30
14:00 Consolidation (BO5)
19:00 Grand Final Preshow
19:30 Grand Final (BO5)

Prize pool – $100,000

1. $40,000
2. $25,000
3. $12,500
4. $7,500
5. $5,000
6. $5,000
7. $3,000
8. $2,000

Buy the ticket

Support the players buy increasing the prize pool. 50% of all the revenues contributes to the prize pool as DreamHack is not taking any cut. Buy it over at dota2.com/store


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