Introducing BYOC Game Specific Fan Zones at #DHW16!

DreamHack Winter is the ultimate social experience for gamers, gaming online is awesome but gaming IRL at the DreamHack LAN is even cooler. Visitors in this rows can expect raffles on Friday to win some game related swag, and the opportunity to meet some new friends who like the same game!

If you are present in ANY of the BYOC specific fan sections will receive an Halloween Overwatch goodie bag!

12:00: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Rows D20-D23) – Pins*
13:00: World of Warcraft (Rows D1-D3) – Everyone gets a Legion magnet!
14:00: Battlefield 1 (Rows D28-D30) – T-shirts and Mousepads*
15:00: Overwatch (Rows D60-D62) – Everyone gets a Mini Winston!
16:00: H1Z1 (Rows B11-B13) – T-shirts*

League of Legends (Rows B21-B23): Visitors sitting in this section can expect League of Legends related swag to be given away by Riot during the whole event, for example those awesome Arcade Corki and Pool Party Fiona skins.

*Only a limited amount. Prizes will be randomly distributed, lets hope is RNGesus is on your side!


CS:GO fans should congregate in Hall D, right next to the DreamHack ZOWIE Open stage which will feature the $100,000 CS:GO tournament! Visitors sitting here will have the opportunity to meet additional CS:GO fans, and will have the unique and exclusive opportunity to win some CS:GO related swag on Friday and Saturday!

There will be Valve Blind Bag Pin Series 2 up for raffle during the event, pictures of the pins: here.

Rows: D20-D23



The League of Legends rows, powered by League of Legends Sverige, will be located in Hall B, near the expo and main stage. It will be a great opportunity if you’re tired of solo queueing to find additional summoner’s to hit the rift together! Visitors sitting in this section can expect League of Legends related swag to be given away by Riot during the whole event, for example those awesome Arcade Corki and Pool Party Fiona skins. ┬áIn addition to this the largest LoL community in Sweden will be on site, arranging giveaways, fun tournaments and more. Take the chance to meet fellow LOLS members at DHW!

Rows: B21-B23



World of Warcraft is as hot as ever with the latest expansion Legion! If you’re addicted again and living in Azeroth be sure to sit yourself in Rows D1-D3 to meet fellow players and have the chance to win some World of Warcraft related goodies on Friday and Saturday!

Everyone who sits in the World of Warcraft section will receive Legion Magnets!

Rows: D1-D3



With a record breaking open beta just finishing, Battlefield 1 is the hottest new PC FPS game out there. If you’re a Battlefield fanatic be sure to sit in rows D28-D30 for the best opportunity to meet some fellow gamers and have the opportunity to play huge conquest games with new friends onsite at DreamHack Winter, and of course probably win some swag along the way!

Rows: D28-D30



Did you think we’d forget Overwatch!? Not a chance, Overwatch was one of the most popular games in the BYOC party at DreamHack Summer so of course we’ll have a section for it in the BYOC! Be sure to sit in rows D32-D34 if Overwatch is the game you’re coming to DreamHack to play.

Everyone who sits in the Overwatch fan section will be receiving a Baby Winston figure, pictured here.

Rows: D60-D62



Is Zombie survival your shtick? Then be sure to sit in the H1Z1 section to meet some additional fans of the game. Play with some new friends and get a chance to also win some swag in the H1Z1 section in Hall B!

Rows: B11-B13


BYOC Fan Sections

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Streaming Area

As years gone by, there will be a streaming area in Hall C, and this will contain big named streamers who you can see live in person! A list of streamers will be updated here shortly.


If you’ve already selected your seat but want to sit in one of these sections, make sure to update on the seatmap before its too late! Be sure to let your guild mates know as well! If you haven’t got your ticket yet, whats the hold up?! Head over to the ticket store to grab yours now and head to DreamHack Winter this November for the return of the World’s largest digital festival!

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