Cosplay, Winter 2016

Cosplay on the main stage at DreamHack Summer and Winter has quickly become one of the most popular contests at the festival and we are very happy to continue the tradition. Besides competing for the 1,500 USD prize pool and the title DreamHack Champion. The winner will be also be directly qualified for the grand finals of the DreamHack World Cosplay Championship & the 10,000USD prizepool at DreamHack Summer 2017.


Competition: DreamHack Cosplay Championship
No of Participations: Max 80
Limited to online application, qualifications & preliminaries rounds.

Sign up online here:


1. 1,000USD
2. 300USD
3. 200USD


Friday: 18:00-19:00. We are League of Legends, Cosplay show
Saturday:17:00-19:30, DreamHack Winter Cosplay Championship

General Rules – Cosplay Championship

The recipient for any prize money is the individual person or company/association/non-profit organization that has registered for the specific competition. The winner/s must be present at the Prize Ceremony, Media interviews and connected photo-shoot.

Costume should be made by the contestants. Insignificant pre-fabricated parts can be used but original work is prefered and will be favored by the judges.

Costume cannot, or otherwise utilize, any edged weapons or any type of projectile weapon regardless of whether it is unloaded or nonfunctional. Acceptable costume weapon props will be limited to air filled or soft plastic swords, daggers, maces or clubs and wooden staves that are not shod with metal: and may not include liquids, gels, or other substances which could cause a mess.

DreamHack has zero tolerance regarding; demeaning language, threats, hate crimes as well as statements that threatens or expresses contempt of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation and gender identity.

No symbols of provocative theme or racism is allowed, even if this symbol is included in the official art of the characters this should be replaced or picked out of the costume.

Contestants must be able to go on and walk the stage by themselves, props must be carried by the contestant. No assistant, entourage, company or partner is not allowed backstage or onstage.

Sound, Lights and stage props will all be pre-prepared. Contestants can not in anyway affect the DreamHack mainstage settings. Settings will not be individually adapted but adapted for the show and competition in its entirety.

DreamHack Winter Cosplay Championship will be live streamed and recorded and published as a VOD. By signing up to the DreamHack Cosplay Championship all contestants agree to be photographed, filmed and take part of a live stream on or at a media partner connected to DreamHack.

DreamHack Cosplay, supported by Webhallen

Webhallen, one of the leading retailers in hardware, consumer electronics, gadgets, games and movies. To date, Webhallen has eleven physical stores scattered from Malmö to Uppsala, mail order and online store. In 2014 Webhallen have opened up the first Cosplay Cafe in the central of Stockholm and have therefore become the natural partner of DreamHack Cosplay Championship.

Together with Webhallen we are also happy to announce our first partner representative for DreamHack Winter 2016.

Elvina also known as Grimalkin, has a gleam in her eyes & is a friendly face known for her service at Webhallen Cosplay cafe ‘’Blue Potion’’ at Fridhemsplan in Stockholm Sweden.
While her well adapted work & friendly spirit bounds her to the heart of Cosplay she puts a lot of attention to the details & craftsmanship on each unique Cosplay, she enjoys creative solutions to complex problems.

Grimalkin continues to pave the path for the beloved art that Webhallen is proud to support at DreamHack, ‘’Cosplay’’.

Wildbangarang Judge representive

Wild Bangarang was created by Adam & David to create super awesome designs that are both fashionable & nerdy. Through travelling and networking they have brought together great artists and indie comic characters to life, with Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft at the forefront of their licensed products.

Based in the UK, Adam is well known in the superhero geek cosplay world due to his photography and keeping true to original material which is the lifeblood of Wild Bangarang.

This year, Adam will be one of the main judges of DreamHack Cosplay Championship Winter 2016. With his background as a photographer and cosplay enthusiast, Adam is sure to put some pressure on this year’s Cosplay contestants, bringing an eye for detail and taking the character design into account.

On top of that, we are proud to announce the Wildbangarang special award on top of the 1,500 USD prize pool & qualifier to the 10,000 USD DreamHack World Cosplay Championship 2017.

One Cosplayer will be awarded with a collection of products from Wildbangarang selected by Adam.

“I am not a designer but a Creator. I take artists and work with them to create awesome designs for you to wear” – Adam
Contestants will be based upon, craftsmanship, character interpretation, impact, stage presence/showcase.

Character interpretation and similarity
While a costume shall be compared to the reference is important to look beyond the personal aesthetics and attributes, race, skin, limitations or other shall be left out of the calculation or judging.

A translation of the design into a wearable garment shall be appreciated and looked upon.

Each costume shall be judges upon the feel and essence of the character across.

-The craftsmanship shall be judged by the overall quality
-Diversity of methods, materials & innovation shall be favoured along with the personal challenge.
Example: A seamstress have a natural advantage making a elaborated dress, therefor a diversity of methods and materials shall be favoured in this part. & the personal challenge: Example someone who is non educated whitin sewing taking on a elaborated dress.
Judges shall always look at the personal experience and potential advantages within an area and see if they have challenged himself or not.
-Over all quality shall be looked upon rather than one core item
-Adapted craftsmanship for the potential time-period of the character origin.
For example, an Assassin’s Creed cosplay should use flat-felled seams because that’s a strong seam for clothing that needs to be strong, However a cosplayer that has used obviously modern synthetic fabric but they’re cosplaying a medieval character shall be avoided.

-Judges shall never flip a seam, turn a garment inside-out without approval of the contestant. The magic of Cosplay is what you see from the outside & finish of it. An overall clean work (inside & out) is often mirrored on the overall finnish and quality.

As a contestant creates extra impact due to huge similarity, innovation or a unique interpretation/material.

Stage presence/Showcase of Costume
-Contestants shall always aim to be present at stage & have fun. Judges shall always look for contestants to enter pirate the character while on stage & essence of the character.

All contestants will be invited to a prejudging section, The prejudging will be set in a open aula where contestants will be interviewed onstage by the judges panel & get 3minutes to present about their costume craftsmen and process. Constants is required to either bring the costume or wear it.
Reference and process pictures should be brought either printed or on a phone/tablet.

All Contestants will be welcomed to watch the process & prejudging section, for media, Cosplay enthusiasts and other a sign-up will be required to take part of the pre-judging

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