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Esport United TF2 Exhibition Tournament

Team Fortress 2 is one of the biggest team-based FPS games in the world. With Valve’s recent support, and official matchmaking about to be released, TF2 looks ready to explode. Millions of people have played TF2 at some point in their life, or have heard about the game numerous times throughout the internet. Competitive TF2 is one of these big things already being played and talked about – a side of TF2 we’re proud to show you this year at the Esport United booth!

This year, we have four of the best European teams in a double-elimination tournament, fighting for $3000 with help from Sweetstakes.tf and Plantronics. The top teams here are:

– nameLess
– Perilous Gaming
– Crowns Esports Club
– Comfortably Spanked

The event will start on Saturday, 18th at 10:00 CEST, and will run all through Saturday and Sunday at the Esport United booth in the exhibition area!

We’re next to the Fnatic Gear and Mortal Kombat booths, so come and find us any time over the weekend to watch some incredible TF2 being played and meet the best players in the game!

If you drop in on Monday as well, you’ll be able to take part in our interactive 1v1 tournament, so you can test your skills against the masters too! If you can beat one of our pros, or even get a good score against them, you could win some awesome goodies!

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