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Welcome to DreamHack 2017

DreamHack is expanding in 2017 and we are doing more events then ever before. We start the season by heading to Leipzig, Germany during January and the month following with DreamHack Masters in Las Vegas. DreamHack 2017 will of course feature our classic DreamHack Summer, Winter, Valencia and Tours. We are super excited for our new additions in North America when we enter Atlanta and Denver and we will also return to Austin!

We are looking forward to see you all at location, make sure to secure your ticket over at tickets.dreamhack.com

DreamHack Events for 2017

  • DreamHack Leipzig – January 13-15th, Leipzig, Germany
  • DreamHack Masters Las Vegas – February 18-19th, Las Vegas, USA
  • DreamHack Austin – April 28-30th, Austin, USA
  • DreamHack Tours – May 6-8th, Tours, France
  • DreamHack Summer 2017 – June 17-20th, Jönköping, Sweden
  • DreamHack Valencia – July 13-16th, Valencia, Spain
  • DreamHack Atlanta – July 21-23rd, Atlanta, USA
  • Dreamhack Masters Malmö – August 30 – September 3, Malmö, Sweden
  • DreamHack Montreal – September 8-10th, Montreal, Canada
  • DreamHack Denver – October 20-22nd, Denver, USA
  • DreamHack Winter – November 30th-December 3rd, Jönköping, Sweden

More events will be announced and stay tuned for even more from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm.

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