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Pokkén Tournament Championship Series is back at DreamHack

We are very happy to welcome the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series back to DreamHack at DreamHack Summer 2017. Don’t miss out on your chance to compete and earn prizes and invitations to the Pokémon World Championships. Show off your Pokémon fighting skills in the 2017 Pokkén Tournament Championship Series Europe Qualifier at DreamHack Summer 2017!

A total of 16 players will qualify for the Pokkén Tournament World Championships. Four players from a European event at DreamHack Summer 2017 and four players from a North American event will qualify. The remainder of the invitations will be awarded to players from Japan and via the Last Chance Qualifier. A prize pool worth over $25,000 is in store for the winning competitors in the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series!

The Pokkén Tournament Championship Series tournament area at DreamHack Summer 2017 will be open 11-21 daily, sign up to play in the tournament now and compete for slots in the Pokémon World Championships. Be sure to catch the live stream if you can’t be on location to experience the action!

All ticket holders to the DreamHack Summer 2017 event is eligible to participate in the tournament.

Sign Up

Direct link to the sign up page: https://goo.gl/forms/RQ7gZq7jxwf2NM392

Tournament Information

Tournament: Pokkén Tournament Championship Series Europe Qualifier
Location: Hall B, DreamHack Summer 2017
Tournament Dates: Saturday 17th June & Sunday 18th June
Platform: Wii U, Latest available patch
Monitor: BENQ / ZOWIE
Format: 1on1. Double Elimination bracket.
Controllers: Please bring your own Wii U / Pokkén Tournament compatible controller or joystick. HORI controller are available at location to lend
Prize Money Policy: Click here.


1st place: $1,250 + travel and an invite to Worlds
2nd place: $1,000 + travel and an invite to Worlds
3rd place: $750 + travel and an invite to Worlds
4th place: $600 + travel and an invite to Worlds
5th place: $450
5th place: $450
7th place: $250
7th place: $250

Rules and Regulations:

Pokkén Tournament rules
Play! Pokémon General Event Rules

Tournament Schedule

Saturday 17th June
08:00 – DreamHack Opens
11:00 – Registration & on site confirmation opens
11:00 – Tournament Area open for practice & free play
17:00 – Bracket Play Starts
21:00 – Tournament area Closes

Sunday 18th June
11:00 – Tournament area open
14:00 – Play offs starts
21:00 – Tournament area closes

Monday 19th June
Area open for free play
11:00 – Tournament area open
21:00 – Tournament area closes

The schedule are subject of change and DreamHack may change, delete, or update it at any time and without prior notice. Please check back to get the latest version prior to the event.

You need a Pokemon ID to be able to get championship points and prize money
Sign up for an account at Pokemon.com making sure you select the correct country and birthdate (or log in if you already have an account for Global Link)
Click Play! Pokémon Settings on the sidebar after logging in

Enter a Screen Name you’d like to use along with your first and last name

Click “Assign me a New Player ID”

Note: If you received one at an event already, select the corresponding option and enter the Player ID and PIN you were given. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Submit.


Thinking about competing in one of our tournaments at DreamHack Summer 2017? All you need is a ticket! Head over to our Ticket Site to check out the different ticket types and secure yours today!

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