Open Air – A new free outdoor area

Open Air is the new center of entertainment at DreamHack Summer, located at the green fields behind Elmia and accessible through a special entrance at Lobby North parking. Here you’ll be able to find plenty of activities such as live music, food, gaming zone, merchandise shop, ticket shop, and many other things. DreamHack is also planning a special Opening Ceremony at Midnight Saturday 17th of June (00.00) where you can expect something out of the ordinary!

DreamHack’s Outdoor Stage – our “second main stage”

For the first time in DreamHack history we’re moving some of our Main Stage activities outdoors to the new Open Air stage, while still featuring our Main Stage indoors. Much of the music and other cool stuff you usually find at the Main Stage is now located at Open Air. On this stage you will be able to see the opening ceremony, main acts, but also other activities and fun. Everything is broadcasted to the halls of Elmia, but if you wanna get the best experience – walk out and take a break.
TLDR: DreamHack has two big scenes – Main Stage indoors and Open Air Stage outdoors.

Schedule for the Open Air Stage

All times are in CEST.

Saturday 17th

16:00 – Dreamhack in Concert
19:00 – Marc
22:00 – Wahlstedt
00:00 – DreamHack Summer 2017 Opening Ceremony
00:15 – TheFatRat

Sunday 18th

16:00 – DreamHack World Cosplay Championship
18:00 – Dubmood
19:15 – Standup Marcus Berggren (Swedish)
22:00 – Smash Into Pieces
00:00 – Juicy M

Monday 19th

20:00 – DreamHack Summer Free For All Cosplay Challenge
20:00 – Sharks
22:00 – Dunderpatrullen
23:00 – Audiotricz
00:00 – Evil Activities

Did you also know?

… DreamHack Summer 2017 offer an outdoor camping zone

If you don’t wanna sleep inside, you can instead experience the Swedish summer outside and book a camping ticket! Bring your own trailer, sleep in comfort, and more privately then in the Sleeping Hall.

… DreamHack host over 6 esport tournaments inside Elmia

DreamHack host some of world’s greatest esport tournaments inside Elmia. Get your ticket to the event, starting from 200 SEK, and witness the best esports, with the best casters in the business! We host DreamHack Open featuring $100,000 in CS:GO, HearthStone Grand Prix, DreamHack Smash Championship, StarCraft II World Championship Series, Heroes of the Storm Mid-Season Brawl and Street Fighter V CapCom tour.

.. experience DreamExpo inside Elmia

Inside DreamHack Summer 2017 you can find Sweden’s largest gaming expo – DreamExpo, where about 40-50 customers have their booths showcasing the best gadgets, products and services connected to the digital lifestyle. Make sure you check in and experience DreamExpo at Dreamhack Summer 2017

Get your tickets today!

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