Street Fighter V

Come out and square-up with players from all over the globe in Street Fighter V for a chance to win your share of the $15,000 prize pool!

How to compete

All ticket holders to DreamHack Summer 2017 are eligible to participate in the Capcom Pro Tour tournament. One day pass are available from 200 SEK, three day pass from 600 SEK and if you want a seat with space for your computer and or console BYOC LAN PASS are available from 990 SEK. Purchase your tickets here!

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Ticket purchases:
Sign up:
Information: All players are required to have a ticket in order to be confirmed for the tournament. If you do not submit a proper order number for your ticket purchase you will not be able to compete. The tournament will be played on Saturday 17th June and Sunday 18th June, full schedule available below.

Tournament information

Tournament: Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event: DreamHack Summer 2017
Location: DreamHack Summer 2017, Elmia, Jonkoping, Sweden
Dates: Saturday June 17th & Sunday June 18th
Platform: Playstation 4, Latest available patch
Format: 1on1. Groups to Double Elimination bracket.
Controllers: Please bring your own PS4 compatible controller or joystick. Adapters is allowed.
Tournament rules:
Tickets / Competitor fee: All competitors need to buy a competitor pass (600 SEK) to participate in tournaments.
Buy your pass:

Notable players

Jap SZ HORI| sako
 Zowie GamerBee
 BX3 Phenom
 Staffan Remes
Jap Talon Xiaobao
 EH MajinTenshinhan


Saturday June 18th

08:00 – DreamHack Summer 2017 Opens
10:00 – Tournament Area Opens
13:00 – Main Tournament Start
13:00 – Pools Wave A
15:00 – Pools Wave B
17:00 – Pools Wave C
19:00 – Pools Wave D

Sunday June 19th

10:00 – Tournament Area Opens
13:00 – Main Tournament Start – Playoffs bracket
17:00 – Top 8

All times are in CEST. The tournament will be played on an accelerated schedule, and the actual time depends on the number of players attending.

Broadcast Talent

Femi “F-Word” Adeboye
Abe “Shoryusengan” Jarman

Prizepool Breakdown

1. $7,000
2. $3,000
3. $1,500
4. $1,000
5-6. $750
7-8. $500

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Ways to Watch

Capcom Pro Tour Global Premier Event: DreamHack Summer 2017 will be broadcasted live at and you can of course follow the action live on the event as well.

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