Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions for DreamHack Summer and Winter. If you cant find your answer please contact the DreamHack Support via email at Allow up to 72 hours response time.


When does DreamHack Summer open and close?

Doors open: 08:00 CEST, Saturday 17th June
Opening ceremony: 16:00 CEST, Saturday 17th June
The network goes down: 08:00 CEST, Tuesday 20th June
The electricity goes down: 08:40, CEST, Tuesday 20th June
All participants must be out of the Elmia Fair: 10:00 CEST, Tuesday 20th June
Between 08:00 CEST 17th June and 10:00 CEST 20th June, DreamHack is open 24/7.


Is there an age limit?

DreamHack Summer 2017 is open for all ages but can contain content such as tournaments, exhibitors and partners showing games, and other material not suitable for all ages.

My express pass has not arrived, what can I do?

If the express pass does not arrive, contact the special booth in Lobby nord marked EXPRESS PASS. Everyone who has bought a valid ticket to DreamHack will get in. Make sure to be able to log in to our account at location.

My express pass is broken, what can I do?

Contact the special booth in Lobby nord marked EXPRESS PASS. Everyone who have bought a valid ticket to DreamHack will get in, even if your bracelet is gone or broken. Make sure to be able to log in to our account at location.

I don’t have a printer, can I show my ticket on my phone/tablet?

Sure! That’s fine!

When do the express passes arrive?

All express passes will be sent via Posten 2-3 weeks before the festival. Expected arrival is two weeks before the festival starts.

Do you offer refunds on tickets?

No! DreamHack does not offer refunds on bought tickets and we do not offer the possibility to change the ticket for another event.

Can I buy tickets on site?

Yes! You can buy Event Passes and Day Passes at the Main Entrance at DreamHack Summer and Winter. We accept VISA, Mastercard and cash (SEK). If you want a Bring Your Own Computer Ticket (BYOC) you will have to pre order your ticket Online.

Table & Seating

How much space is included for my BYOC seat?

All participants will get a table that is 83×60 cm. The height of the table is 82 cm.

Can I bring a shelf an put my computer screens on them?

Yes. Just make sure it fits on your available space and that is built sturdily so it will not be dangerous for you or any other participants. Note: All participants get 83×60 cm of table space.

Can I bring a refrigerator/coffee maker/water boiler?

No! The electricity in the LAN is built to handle your computer, screens and console; not kitchen appliances.

How long does Ethernet/TP/Cat5/Cat5E/Cat6 cable need to be?

If you bring 10 meters it will be enough to reach the switch on the table.

Can I bring my own chair?

Yes! DreamHack provides a simple chair to all participants. Feel free to bring your office chair or a pillow to sit more comfortably.

Can I bring my gaming console?

Yes! As long as you keep your stuff in your table space that is 83×60 cm.


Where do you sleep at DreamHack?

DreamHack offers two sleeping halls for DreamHack Summer and Winter at Elmia in Jönköping. Hall A is located inside Elmia and Racketcentrum is located just outside of the venue. Sleeping hall access is included in all tickets, except day pass.

Can I shower at DreamHack?

There are toilets and showers in the Hall D. We have a team that works 24/7 to keep the facilities clean and tidy.

Is there WiFi available?

Yes! But we strongly recommend connecting your main computer to the Internet via cable for the best and fastest experience.

Can I smoke electronic cigarettes inside of DreamHack?

No! All smoking, regular or electronic is only allowed in special smoking areas outside of the venue.


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