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DreamHack Winter 2015 is just around the corner. In this news post we have collected some information that can be useful before and during your vist to the worlds Largest Digital Festival DreamHack!

Updated Entrance and Security Routines

During DreamHack Winter 2015 we have updated and changed some of our security routines and entrance routines. In this news post you can find all the updated information. Please read it carefully so you can prepare and pack your belongings properly for a fast and smooth entrance when you arrive at the event.

Important times for DreamHack Winter 2015
Doors open: 08:00, Thursday November 26
Opening ceremony: 16:00, Thursday November 26
The network shuts down: 08:00, Sunday November 29
The electricity cuts to the table rows: 08:40, Sunday November 29
All participants must be out of Elmia: 10:00, Sunday November 29

Entrance with your computer

(BYOC / LAN ticket holders)
During the first hours of DreamHack the entrance for BYOC ticket holders will be located at Lobby Nord, and with offload-locations at Hall B and Hall D/C. Press, partners & sponsors, day tickets and event tickets will enter via Lobby Syd. At 16:00 we close the Entrance at Lobby Nord and will use the entrance in Lobby Syd for the rest of the festival for all ticket types.

Entrance during the first hours and offload/entrance:
The first four hours of opening DreamHack entrance is the most crowded. For Dreamhack Winter 2015 we have changed the security routines for entering the event for all bracelet types.

If you’re seated in HALL B
We recommend Entrance through Lobby North Entrance or “Hall B in-/ut-lastningszon” (Off load area) on the map.

If you’re seated in HALL D or HALL C
We recommend Entrance through “Hall D in-/ut-lastningszon” (Off load area) on the map.

Entrance in Lobby Syd
After the initial opening on Thursday 26 November all entrance to DreamHack will be via the Lobby Syd Entrance. In the entrance we will perform random Security check of Bags and Condition Examination. Be ready to open your bags and show your belongings to the entrance and Security crew.


The security at DreamHack have the highest priority and are on the very top of our agenda. Our ambition is that all at DreamHack including visitors, crew, competitors, partners and employees should feel safe when visiting and working at our events. We are following the recent development very closely and we are discussing both internally and with external parts on how to modify, change and improve security at DreamHack where we find it necessary.

DreamHack have been working close with the local authorities like the local Police with security and safety questions for many years and we are continuing this process before and during our coming events including DreamHack Winter 2015. The local Police will have both uniformed and non uniform personnel at location during DreamHack events in Jönköping.

Keep your valuables under sight at all times and secure your computer, gaming gear etc in the tables and make sure to help each other guard your stuff. do not leave mobile phones, etc when you leave your table. Talk to your table neighbours and help each other to guard stuff and keep DreamHack safe for you and all other visitors.

Contact DreamHack Crew immediately if you feel un secure or observe something that you want to report. DreamHack works closely with the local police and authorities, all theft etc will be reported to the police that have both uniformed and undercover personel on location.

DreamHack has zero tolerance regarding; demeaning language, threats, hate crimes as well as statements that threatens or expresses contempt of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation and gender identity. If you break these rules, you may be banned from the event entirely or partially during an indefinite time period.

Remember: DreamHack have a strict non drug and alcohol policy, people under the influence will be escorted from the festival.

Security inspections

To ensure the safety of the event we will ask your permission to perform a security inspection of your belongings. To make your security inspection go as fast as possible we kindly ask you to:

Pack the trolley in such a fashion that the monitors and computers are at the bottom, and your bags containing your personal items like clothing and such are on top. Please load the trolleys so that they are fast and easy to unload.

Forbidden items
All Event rules are listed here, but to highlight some of the things we we dont allow, please see this short list below:

– Weapons of any kind (not even roleplaying “weapons”, see special rules for Cosplay below)
– Edged weapons such as knives, pocket knives
– Leathermansor similar tools with knives (these are classified as edged weapons)
– Explosives or fireworks (e.g. firecrackers are forbidden)
– Face masks of any sort.
– Alcohol or illegal drugs
– Laser pointers, laser pens etc

Security inspection – the procedure
All your belongings can be inspected. You as the Visitor of our Event have the right decline to participate in the Security Inspection, but then you will not be allowed to enter the Event.

As part of the Security Inspection of your belongings, DreamHack guards will also make Personal Examination / Control’s of people entering the event, so called “Villkorad visitering”/”Conditioned Examination”. You are free to decline to participate, but then you will not be allowed to enter the event.

If your costume contains replica weapons such as guns, knives, swords etc you need to get the design pre approved by DreamHack Cosplay. Send a mail containing clear pictures of your accessories before Tuesday Nov 24th to get approval. If you bring a non approved cosplay that reassembles weapons our entrance and security crew will not let you in with that accessories.
Send your picture and eventual questions regarding this to cosplay@dreamhack.se

Cosplay or any facial masks
DreamHack will not allow anyone at location wear or cosplay in full facial mask in open areas.
If your cosplay contain full facial mask it can only be used during controlled cosplay performances on stage or on scheduled times under the supervision of DreamHack Cosplay Crew.


There is a large parking lot just outside Elmia and parking guards will help you find a spot and sell you a ticket during the first day from 07:30-12:00. Parking tickets cost 120 SEK for the whole festival and can also be bought in the Elmia info desk. The parking guards only takes cash.

Download our traffic guide here for information on how to drive and get in and out for loading and packing when entering DreamHack.


All participants have a table space with the measurements Hight: 82cm Width: 83cm Depth: 60cm & at each table seat there is a chair. The chair is a simple model, please bring your own or some pillows to sit more comfortably.

You need to bring all things needed for your computer including an extension cable and a TP-cable to connect to the internet. We have WiFi but we strongly recommend that you use corded access. Bring a 10 meter TP-cable.

If you want to bring a shelf to put on your space its ok. Make sure its safe and that it will not fall!


DreamHack is the undisputed world largest LAN with multiple Guinness world records. at DreamHack Winter 2014 there was 22483 unique connected devices to our network, let´s make DreamHack Summer 2015 event bigger! Make sure to connect all your devices to the open WiFi. The blazing fast Internet connection is provided from our partner Telia.


If you have any problems with your computer, Internet or just regular questions contact Support in Hall D, they can fix most common computer problems and Info located in lobby syd knows all about DreamHack.


DreamHack Winter have two large sleeping areas. One inside Elmia, Hall A and one just out side of Elmia, Racketcenter. Both are open from 10:00 the first day, make sure you get your sleep, the festival will be more awesome if you are fully rested.

The sleeping halls at DreamHack is included if you rent a computer seat or have the festival pass / tournament pass. When you’ve been sleeping bring your stuff from the area to make room for others!

Bring your own sleeping gear and make sure to secure your smaller valuables at all times. Racket center is closed during daytime and open if Hall A is full.

Checklist for accommodation in sleeping area
– Sleeping mat or inflatable air mattress.
– Blanket or sleeping bag.
– Pillow.
– Flashlight.


There is a lot of food vendors, kiosks & restaurants at DreamHack, many are open around the clock and offer a wide variety of food, snacks and drinks. Options for vegetarian and some food allergies are available.

No nuts! Please do not bring any nuts or food products containing nuts to DreamHack since there are people with allergies at locations.


DreamHack has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any kind of harassment including but not limited to; demeaning language, threats, hate crimes, intimidation, non-consensual photography or recording, stalking, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome physical attention as well as statements or verbal exchanges that threatens or expresses contempt of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, citizenship, appearance, body size, age, disability and gender identity.

The ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY applies to EVERYONE attending DreamHack including but not limited to: Attendees, Crew, Press, Staff, Exhibitors & Guests.

We encourage everyone to immediately report any sign of harassment, both to yourself or if you witness it happening to someone else. Report it to a member of DreamHack crew and / or to local police authorities. DreamHack crew have orange T-shirts clearly marked with CREW on the back.

Full event rules are available here LINK NEEDED


DreamHack have no age limit and there is a lot of activities that are suitable for all ages at Dreamhack Winter 2015. Please note that DreamHack and some or partners, exhibitors, attendees with their own computer can and will play and show games, content and tournaments not suitable for all ages. Some games and content will be for 18 years only. Dreamhack do not recommend that children under 18 to visit DreamHack without a legal guardian. More information regarding age rating in games ara available at http://www.pegi.info/en/


There are two ATM cash machine inside DreamHack & you can also withdraw cash in the DreamHack Kiosks in Hall D and Hall B. Pleas note that some vendors at location only take cash.


There are plenty of WCs located all over Elmia and they are cleaned regularly. We offer free showers opened around the clock during the whole festival. Enter the shower areas via Hall D. Bring your own towels!


Smoking is not allowed inside DreamHack. The use of e-cigarettes is not allowed inside DreamHack. All smoking is ONLY allowed in the designated areas outside of the main entrance lobby syd and outside Hall B.

The smoking areas is clearly marked. Smoking outside of the designated areas is NOT allowed!


During the event we have no regular email support. If you need to get in touch with DreamHack Info or DreamHack Medical assistant team you can call the following numbers from 08:00 on Thursday 26th November until Sunday 29th November.

Note: All times are Central European Time . The schedule are subject of change and DreamHack may change, delete, or update it at any time and without prior notice. Please check back to get the latest version prior to the event.

DreamHack Info Desk
Phone: 036-16 42 05

DreamHack Medic team
Phone: 036 – 16 42 06





Note: All times are Central European Time . The schedule are subject of change and DreamHack may change, delete, or update it at any time and without prior notice. Please check back to get the latest version prior to the event.

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