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4C&L sends Alliance down to the loser’s round after Pajkatt going wild

The first match of the finals bracket stood between two very experienced teams, The Alliance and 4 Clover & Lepricon. 4C&L actually has three former Alliance members in their roster, Pajkatt, Niqua and EGM. What initially felt like it could be a really interesting games turned out to be very one-sided as Pajkatt became unstoppable two games in a row, resulting in 2 – 0 for 4C&L.

The first game of this BO3 was fairly one-sided, in 4 Clover & Lepricon’s favour. EGM (Io) did a very good job stacking for Pajkatt (Shadow Fiend), which gave him an early lead that Alliance’s mid-pair, Loda on Tiny and Akke on Lich, couldn’t stop. Alliance found some good pick offs with MyNuts (Spirit Breaker) charges, but 4C&L seemed to have answers to all of Alliance’s engages. 4C&L got a pretty early Roshan, where Alliance didn’t dare to intervene since both s4 (Queen Of Pain) and Akke (Lich) had their ultimates on cooldown. With the Aegis on Pajkatt, gem on Saksa (Winter Wyvern) and SexyBamboe finding lots of pick offs with his Batrider, 4C&L went highground and forced diebacks from Alliance that lead to RAMPAGE for Pajkatt and a GG. 1 – 0 for 4 Clover & Lepricon. A shame we didn’t get to see some classic ratting from AdmiralBulldog’s signature hero, Nature’s Prophet. But at least they a got lot of applause for that draft. Niqua stayed in the dark with his Night Stalker and wasn’t seen very much during this first game.

For the second game, Alliance went with the slightly unconventional carry-Abaddon played by Loda. 4C&L put Pajkatt on Windranger and re-drafted Winter Wyvern for Saksa and Night Stalker on SexyBamboe.

SexyBamboe got pressured hard from the start in the top lane and gave first blood to MyNuts’ Tusk. Not much happened bot lane except Loda getting very limited farm. s4 on Leshrac seemed to have control over mid against Pajkatt’s Windranger, keeping it’s HP down consistently. AdmiralBulldog on Lone Druid got very good farm top lane, which felt really important since Loda couldn’t keep up. Alliance did a good rotation and found Niqua’s Slardar who went down quickly. A big fight erupts soon after, everyone’s gets low, but the fights tipped in 4C&L direction leading to an ulta kill for Pajkatt. 4C&L quickly goes Roshan and gets the Aegis on Pajkatt. They immediatly seeks up another fight, which pretty much mirrors the first one, close, but 5 – 2 for 4C&L, Pajkatt used his Aegis. Niqua and Saksa pulled off some huge combos. 4C&L goes for highground push, but not getting very much out of it, stalling the game for some time. Pajkatt picks up Desolator, Aghanim’s Scepter and Blink Dagger, making him very dangerous. Are we seeing another out-of-control Pajkatt? 4C&L goes for Roshan again, and Alliance can’t do anything about it, Aegis on Pajkatt yet again. 4C&L moves top to push tower and/or racks. A fight erupts that Alliance actually walks winning out of, Pajkatt going down for the cost of a buyback. Shortly after with Pajkatt still dead, Alliance kills off Saksa, EGM (Treant Protector) and SexyBamboe (Night Stalker). The crowd are getting hyped for a epic comeback, but when Alliance tries to interrupt 4C&L’s third Rosh-fight, and ends up losing 0 – 4 and forced to buyback, things get out of hand. Pajkatt picks up his third Aegis, they catch s4 just north of the Dire Secret Shop, forcing Alliance to engage. This leads to a 4 – 0 fight for 4C&L and GG is called.

Alliance (2)

Alliance never really got the chance to play in this quick 2 – 0 lose. They did manage to stall the second game longer than expected with a few very well-executed fights. But they just couldn’t hold Pajkatt down for long. Fun to see a big and energetic crowd. Alliance will now have to face the loser of OG – Team Empire in round 1 in the final loser’s bracket. 4C&L will face the winner of that game in the winner’s final, where a win takes you to the Grand Finals today.

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