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Rough day for Alliance as losing against 4C&L and Team Empire sends them out of DreamLeague

The first game gave us some of the most action packed Dota 2 we’ve seen on DHW15, but Alliance never really got a hold Team Empire. A very well executed second game gave Team Empire an easy win, placing Alliance 4th in this years DreamLeague. Team Empire advances to the loser’s final where they will face 4&CL or OG, a win there means playing in tomorrows Grand Finals!

The first game of this elimination match between the crowd-favourites Alliance and stronglooking Team Empire started off very much in Empire’s favor when AdmiralBulldog on Phoenix gave away first blood at top rune. s4’s Shadow Fiend and Akke’s Bane got pressured instantly by Resolut1on’s Tiny and AlohaDance’s Io. A big rotation by Empire seems dangerous, but Alliance manages to answer it, losing 1 – 2. Funn1k finding a lot of kills on his Axe, things are definetely looking to go Empire’s way. However, Alliance wins a huge fight mid when AdmiralBulldog saves everyone with his Phoenix, 4 – 2 Alliance.


After this the Empire seems to be shaking, the crowd certainly doing their part of lifting Alliance further. They find two quick kills on the deadly Tiny-Io combo, really important. The mid game of this match is by far the most actionpacked Dota 2 we’ve seen this Dreamhack. And Alliance are climbing steadily towards evening out this game. Empire is not going to letting go of their advantage easy though, slowly getting back into focus and finding important pick offs. A huge fight botside starts with Alliance getting three kills, but when AlohaDance buybacks and pulls off the biggest play of the match, Empire manages to turn into 4 – 3. This gives Empire space to kill Roshan and get the Aegis on Resolut1on. With that extra power, Empire goes for highground bot, where Alliance tries to defend, another long and big fight ends 4 – 3 for Empire with two diebacks from Alliance. This enables Empire to get bottom racks and melee racks mid.

Alliance doesn’t seem to be able to make another comeback, and when Empire goes for topracks, Alliance loses 4 – 1 after Empire chases them all the way into the fountain. GG called. 1 – 0 Empire. No major mistakes from anyone, just Empire playing well.

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